AI-Driven Content Intel, Permissions per Module and IG Geotags

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AI-Driven Content Intel, Permissions per Module and IG Geotags

Socialbakers’ Smart Vision – Discover Customized Content Inspiration

While it can be challenging to get your marketing right in the current situation, doubling down on digital, content-led campaigns is a promising way forward. Socialbakers’ Content Hub is the go-to place for marketers that want to streamline their content strategy.

In Content Hub’s Inspiration, teams can search and discover top-performing content from across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. With more than 12 billion pieces of content in the database, Socialbakers helps you pinpoint exactly what you need.

Beginning April 17, our search engine is supercharged with Socialbakers’ Smart Vision, an image recognition algorithm that delivers even smarter search results. The AI-powered algorithm sorts through thousands of content pieces to find the most relevant results, and presents them in a way that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Customized Search Results, Unique Recommendations and Weekly Trends

With weekly Socialbakers-wide top content trends, and personalized content recommendations, brands receive highly personalized inspiration and stay up-to-date on the latest trends at all times.

Learning from top searches across the entire database to past searches and monitored profiles, Smart Vision automatically gives each content piece a relevance score, so it can present customized search results in a split second.

Search by Color and by Object

Smart Vision is a real game-changer for content inspiration. Users can get all nitty-gritty with their search and identify content with specific objects and dominant colors.

With 1,500-plus objects in the database, you can now find images and videos for everything from antique cars and living rooms to sports and zoos. When searching for pictures with a specific color, the AI-powered algorithm automatically aggregates the colors of posts to display all images where the chosen color is dominant.

Smart Vision is an incredible time-saver, as the search text doesn’t have to match the post copy. That means that when searching for red + car, these terms don’t need to be in the post themselves.

Instead, you’ll see all images that display a car and where the dominant color is red. So, no need to feel blue anymore – unless you’re looking for it.

User Permissions per Modules – Control Data Visibility at All Times

Smooth teamwork is not just about collaboration, but also about having the right people working on the right projects at the right time.

This also includes giving the right people access to the right data, no matter if that’s internally or when working with external agencies. To make this process as efficient as possible, you can now control a user’s visibility of profiles per Socialbakers modules.

Permissions per Module

Granting users access to profiles in specific modules makes it easier to control permissions, while individuals can stay laser-focused on their primary tasks. For Account Admins, updating user-permissions is only a few steps away.

  1. Go to Settings – Roles & Permissions to see account and profile roles which can be customized to your business.
  2. In Profile Roles you can set the new permissions per module. Choose if specific roles should see the profile in 1. Analytics, Dashboard and Content Hub, 2. Audiences, 3. Community, 4. Publisher, or all modules.
  3. To see in which modules a specific team member can view the profile, either go into Profiles, where the individual users’ Access Level is displayed. Alternatively, click into Users and review their Access Level under Profiles.

By default, all custom-created roles have access to everything, and you can modify accessibility according to your ways of working. Socialbakers’ standardized profile roles such as Page Admin are locked – here you can’t adjust access.

Permissions per module can accommodate the most complex team structures and use cases. And as only Account Admins are authorized to change permissions, brands can ensure smooth teamwork, while their data access is always under control. 

Instagram Geotags – Put Your Business on the Map, Literally

Instagram is turning 10 this year, and from selfies to shelfies, we’ve seen many trends emerge during its existence.

When looking for products or services nearby, many people search for local businesses. Adding a location to your content makes it easier for people to find your business, and it ensures the posts show up in more searches.

To be more searchable by Instagram fans, brands can now add a geotag to their posts, right in Socialbakers Publisher. Adding the geotag is straightforward: click the location icon, search in the text field, select the correct location – done!

Tagging the location of your posts can play a pivotal role in extending your reach. More exposure means more customers, and more customers mean more business.

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