Shared Insights, Download Collection Assets, and More

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Shared Insights, Download Collection Assets, and More

Request Shared Insights and Get Direct Access to Data

Selecting and vetting influencers or partner brands has a unique set of challenges. How to identify the best fit? What’s the best way to connect? And how to measure performance? This release puts an end to lengthy email threads, hard-to-read screenshots, and verbal agreements: Shared Insights is a direct and transparent data sharing function, right in the platform. 

It simplifies the collaboration process and gives brands a holistic view of their data, as insights are available all across Socialbakers unified platform – including Analytics, Dashboard, Content Hub, and Influencers. And for data owners, it’s a convenient way to share insights without having to spend a lot of time and energy on reporting.

With agreed-on terms of access, both parties are in control at all times and decide together what data will be shared. Private metrics, audience data, specific time ranges, and even selected content pieces are all available.

Connecting Shared Insights is an organized and secure way to collaborate while ensuring transparency on all sides. Brands can make better decisions based on the whole story, and collaborators can benefit from seamless reporting and analysis.

Want to make your influencer or brand collaborations more seamless and add transparency to your partnership? Set up Shared Insights now and make your first request!

Download Assets in Content Collections and Mention Users to Improve Teamwork

Content Collections is the go-to place for organized and integrated campaign planning that brings all stakeholders onto one page. Making the content creation more collaborative than ever, Collections allow teams to save, share, and discuss content – all in one place.

Our newest release adds another level of convenience to the content creation: download assets from Collections to your local storage for future use. All you have to do is localize the image/video that you or a member of your team have previously uploaded into Collections.

Then, click on the download button which will automatically save the video or photo to your local drive and copy any text to the clipboard. Once saved locally, you can access the content any time – even when working on the go or without an Internet connection.

The ability to upload and download assets makes it easier to share or distribute content with regional branches or other stakeholders who can take it from there. Stay on top of your content, conveniently, and in a way that suits your business needs!

What’s more, you can now take real-time collaboration one step further by tagging users directly in the chat. Tag users to ask a question, give credit to their ideas, or to grab their attention.

How to tag a user? Either type @ followed by their name, or click on the @ symbol under the type field and select users manually from the search bar. Depending on their preferences, users will then be notified per Email or in-product and can jump straight into the conversation. Collaborative content creation has never been easier!

Sort Community Feeds From Old to New to Optimize Response Times

The real power of community management is that it connects brands directly with customers. In a world where customers expect a response within 30minutes, this can create a lot of pressure for community managers who need to prioritize comments and DMs effectively and reply quickly, without losing track of any conversation.

The good news: with this release, you can prioritize older comments more easily, by sorting community feeds from old to new. How to change the default new-to-old sorting? Click on Filter Feed and select Sort By: Date. Clicking the arrow symbol will sort all comments in your selected time range from old to new. Click again to change it back to default. No tedious scrolling required! Decrease the work queue and minimize response times – all with the click of a few buttons. 

Coupled with our previous release that lets you sort conversations by follower count, you’re perfectly equipped to tackle the increasingly complex social media landscape and streamline your customer care!

Delete and Hide Instagram Comments  

While a social media presence opens you up to receiving feedback from customers, this can be both a blessing and a curse. A key goal for online conversations is to keep them civilized and polite. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to hide or remove comments that are against your policies or that are just spam.

While it’s already possible to hide and delete Facebook comments, this release makes it easier than ever to regulate your Instagram conversations. Identified a comment that needs to be hidden or removed? Click on details and select Hide. Now, the comment will only be visible to the page admin and the person who wrote the comment.

They will not know the post is hidden and you can click Unhide later at any time. To delete the comment instantly, click Remove. Keep your online presence professional and respectful.

Create Labels for Stories and Exclude Facebook Unpublished Posts

Social media analysis and reporting can be a tedious job – especially if you analyze content by hand. But it doesn’t have to be painful manual work! Let automated content labeling do the heavy lifting: it organizes and labels all content across your social channels and lets you focus on the fun parts – creating remarkable content!

Customization plays a crucial role in data analysis. That’s why you can now choose the content source for automated labels even more precisely and exclude unpublished posts or create rules that only apply to Instagram Stories

How to exclude Facebook unpublished posts

Improve your data analysis and get more meaningful results by removing Facebook unpublished posts for organic-only analysis. There’s no need to search through your content manually to identify these posts. When creating a new label, select Published content, untick Unpublished, and let automation do the work! 

How to apply rules to Instagram Stories

To create a rule that applies only to your Instagram Stories, simply tick the Instagram Stories box. Analyze Stories more efficiently and get a more holistic understanding of your social media performance across platforms – in a faster and more efficient way. Better insights, without the hassle!

Learn more and find out how to set up automated labels.

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