Product News: Filter Data by Sentiment, Choose Specific Post Approver, and More

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Product News: Filter Data by Sentiment, Choose Specific Post Approver, and More

Sentiment Filter in Flexible Widgets

With everything that’s going on in the world, understanding your social media community is crucial. When analyzing a few conversations per day, it’s relatively easy to determine whether a post gives a positive or negative vibe. But listening to the entire online audience? Socialbakers AI-powered sentiment analysis helps scale the process. It does the legwork for you, so you can spot tricky situations before they turn into a full-blown crisis.

From today, analyzing content by sentiment becomes even more efficient. In Flexible Widgets, you can now select Sentiment as a new breakdown filter for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Post sentiment is based on the sentiment of comments under a post, and the seven different nuances reach from Strongly Positive over Neutral to Strongly Negative. Posts with less than five comments have No Sentiment assigned to it. 

Filter posts with positive sentiment to analyze the performance of content that resonates with your community or hone into negative posts to identify issues before it’s too late. And if you want to get granular, click on any spikes or sections of Flexible Widgets to see the content behind your Flexible Widgets data, right in Content Hub. 

Choose Approver When Sending Posts for Approval

One of the biggest challenges for brands producing a lot of content at a fast pace is ensuring that only the best content is shared with the social audience. Sound familiar? Socialbakers publishing approval flows help brands to ensure nothing is published without the right people’s OK. 

Notifications keep teams aligned and ideas moving forward – but they need to be set up correctly to be most effective. When using Socialbakers classic post approval process, you can now choose specific colleagues for post approvals. How? Draft a post, click on Send for Approval, select one or several people with approval permissions (and who have their notifications turned on) Apply Selection and hit Send Notification. The selected team members will now get notified based on their notification preferences.

This way, you only notify selected colleagues and no longer send notifications to all team members with approval permissions in your account. It’s great for focused teamwork within larger teams or global operations. Take the complex content creation process to the next level, with streamlined team collaboration!

Choose Publishing Approver

Automatically Return to Where You Left Off

Time is money… in real life as on social. To jump back straight to where you left off, without losing focus on what you’re doing, now automatically restores the module page you last viewed when you left. 

Having ended the day responding to the latest community questions? Pick it back up in the Community module straight away the next day. Or have you analyzed your brand’s social performance in Analytics to wrap the week? Get right back to it in the Analytics module on Monday morning. Less loading, fewer clicks. It’s never been faster to resume exactly where you left off.

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