Content Hub Performance View and Dashboard Flexible Widgets

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Content Hub Performance View and Dashboard Flexible Widgets

Socialbakers supports the unique ways you work, bringing customization to all the areas you need it. This applies to how you choose to visualize your data too. The ultimate goal? Productive and quick analysis that leaves the heavy lifting to the platform. In this release, we’re bringing you even more ways to be flexible in your analysis. Let’s check out how.

Deep Content Analysis – The Most Important Metrics in a Single Table

Content Hub is the place to get multiplatform content insights in an instant. With today’s release, you can further customize how you see results, making Content Hub’s usage even more varied and flexible. 

The current Content Overview lets you easily scroll through the content that matters to them, viewing all aspects of a post – including insights, images used, creative copy. This expanded, visual view is especially useful for content teams planning their next big post. Now, you have another view option available: all results in a single, convenient table. 

This new Performance View offers the exact same results as in the Content Overview, but the focus of the visualization is different. By collapsing posts into an easy-to-read table, you’ll benefit from a quick and easy analytical look at the most important metrics related to your brand’s or competitor content. You can easily switch back and forth between the two view options as needed.

You can also easily customize this Performance View, choosing which metrics you see first, by dragging and dropping the position metrics in the customization window, shown here. 

Socialbakers Content Hub Performance View

Performance View also provides both the Sum and Average of the columns where it makes sense to do so, making data analysis speedy, organized, and efficient. Having control over your content insights means being able to customize just how you see your data. With Content Hub view options, you can do just that. Seeing posts in a compact table is especially useful for data analysts and managers who want immediate access to the analytics, for easy exporting and reporting, as an example. 

Analyze Data From Every Angle With Flexible Widgets in Dashboard

In this release, we’re bringing you Flexible Widgets, allowing you to analyze the performance of your content from every angle, across all social media platforms. The name says it all: these widgets are flexible, so you can be too – getting exactly what you need from your data in an instant. 

Until now, marketers in Suite would label posts and analyze aggregated metrics in Campaign View for Facebook or Instagram. With this release, we’ve replaced this process with something much more advanced.

By choosing how you want to see your data – selecting preferred data sources (including labels!), filtering by what matters to you, and breaking analysis down by various options – you can take control of analysis and make smarter decisions based on the whole story.

The widgets now available include Interactions, Number of Posts, Post Impressions, and Interactions per 1K Followers. This is a brand new way to visualize data, and we’re excited to bring you more and more options. 

So, how can you customize your widget? First, choose the data sources you’d like to analyze posts by. You can analyze posts by Profiles, Post Labels, Profile Labels. Here, we’ve chosen Facebook and Instagram. Then, further filter your widget results based on what you’d like to analyze, such as various different post labels and again, platforms, as shown below. You can also choose whether to match content with All, Any, or None of the selected filters.

Further customize your analysis, with breakdowns. You can break your analysis down by: Date, Platforms, Profiles, Profile Labels, Post Labels. You can choose more than one breakdown. As with other widgets, visualizations are up to you too. Choose Column, Pie, Line, or Area charts.

Because labels play a huge role in the customization of analysis, consider using these widgets in conjunction with automated labeling. In this way, you can be even more productive, getting the insights you need right away.

Drop these widgets into a new Dashboard, just like you’re used to, to easily share insights with your team and create reports for key stakeholders at the click of a button. When combined in a single dashboard, these flexible widgets help you understand hidden data gems you weren’t able to identify before.

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