Advanced Listening With Full-Text Search and Auto Exports, Upgraded Tableau & GDS Connectors, and More

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Advanced Listening With Full-Text Search and Auto Exports, Upgraded Tableau & GDS Connectors, and More

Let’s kick off the new year in style! With the first release of 2021, improve your social media listening, boost your business intelligence and streamline the publishing workflow with these praise-worthy additions:

  • Granular full-text search for social media listening across the platform
  • Automated & scheduled exports of listening results from Analytics
  • Automated sentiment analysis for listening mentions in Community
  • Upgraded Tableau and Google Data Studio connectors
  • Streamlined content publishing with instant publishing of draft content

Perform Complex Listening Analysis With Full-Text Search

New year, new possibilities! When gathering social media listening intelligence, it’s important to be as specific as possible to help answer your data questions. With the new full-text search, complement your listening queries with search inputs based on specific keywords or phrases. 

Scanning all content from your listening query, the full-text search helps find exactly what you’re looking for, both in Analytics and Content Hub modules of the platform. Specify the search results, dig into products or campaigns, or even exclude certain words from the results; up to you.

Report Like a Pro by Scheduling Listening Reports To Your Inbox

Achieve cross-functional harmony with automated reporting. With this release, you can now schedule listening reports from Analytics and Content Hub, delivered right to your inbox (and the inbox of your manager and manager’s manager). With all decision-makers tuned in to the data, your organization can be empowered to achieve the desired results and outshine competitors.

Choose your format, too. With PDF exports in Analytics and XLSX exports in Content Hub, seamlessly share Listening results with the team and other stakeholders. No matter if you’re reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, do it all with a few clicks.

Want to start off your 2021 with listening superpowers? Tap into best practices with this hands-on social media listening webinar. Also, be sure to check out the major social media listening releases we rolled out in 2020. 

Monitor Audience Perceptions with Automated Sentiment for Listening in Community

On any given day, community managers jump from creating personalized messages, to smoothing customer problems, to measuring the overall pulse of the community.

To understand audience perceptions more quickly, sentiment is now automatically analyzed for all incoming listening mentions in Socialbakers Community. With automated sentiment detection, get a better feel for what the audience thinks in real-time and catch negative waves of communication early.

Boost Business Intelligence With Upgraded Tableau and Google Data Studio Connectors

In today’s business world, agility is key – and being able to get a grasp of the big picture is a necessity. With the upgraded Tableau and Google Data Studio Connectors, consolidate information in a centralized place and give your team quick access to all the information needed to perform their analyses.

With the upgraded connectors, pull in profile metrics and post-level insights such as post sentiment or performance grading and post-level metrics across all platforms straight into GDS or Tableau. With new data sources and additional visualizations in your business intelligence toolbox, get the insights you need to grow and thrive.

Streamline Content Creation By Publishing Drafts with a Click

A solid content strategy comes down to creating a smooth process for content planning, creation, and publishing. To move content seamlessly from draft to scheduled status, you can now schedule or publish draft content with one click.

Wondering how to take advantage of this neat new feature? Head over to the draft section of the Publishing module. There’s a shiny new button, allowing you to schedule posts at the previously selected time, or if no time has been set, publish content straight away. It’s as easy as that.

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