Optimized Community Management, Italian & French Automated Sentiment, and API 2.0

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Optimized Community Management, Italian & French Automated Sentiment, and API 2.0

Next-Level Collaboration for Community Managers

One ingredient in all successful community management teams is collaboration. Without real teamwork, it’s difficult to get tasks done, it’s more likely for mishaps to happen, and you’re not making the most out of your resources. Today’s release comes with three features that’ll take teamwork to the next level.

Unified Inbox Feed – The One-Stop-Shop for All Incoming Messages

Ever feel overwhelmed with all the incoming messages across your feeds? The new unified Inbox feed will help ease the pain. The new incoming feed includes all incoming messages, including comments, mentions, DMs, ad comments, and wall posts, giving you a holistic view of all incoming conversations all across social.

With the new Inbox feed, there’s no more hassle to switch between feeds. It’s a central place to monitor incoming messages, foster conversations with the community, and answer concerns quickly and efficiently. With a clear view of the entire social conversation, you and your team can seamlessly work through all social messages and be more efficient when catering to the community.

Agent Collision Detection

With the number of incoming messages constantly increasing, the most productive way for teams to respond to all messages is to divide and conquer. For this to work, you need to know which messages your colleagues are currently working on. 

With the new collision detection, you can collaborate more efficiently and avoid stepping on someone’s toes. The handy new feature shows you, right in the new unified inbox, if someone else is working on a message in real-time. When a user hits the Reply button, the message is automatically locked for all other users, who will see that the specific person is currently replying. Make sure that no two agents are ever replying to the same comment at the same time. Reduce bottlenecks and seamlessly split tasks without adding extra work to your plates.

Show Original Post in the Comment Thread

Community management is more than just tweeting and responding to comments and messages. Understanding the context surrounding your social conversations is crucial for community managers to have a relevant dialogue with the audience.

From today, when opening an incoming comment thread, the original message is always displayed at the top of the window. No need to scroll all the way up to see the original post that was commented on – view the initial post right there and then. Save time, see all comments in context, and give your scrolling finger a break.

Automated Sentiment Analysis in Italian and French

Benvenuto and bonjour! From today, Socialbakers provides automated sentiment analysis for Italian and French. The automated sentiment algorithm detects and evaluates all incoming conversations’ sentiment, so you can easily measure customers’ thoughts and emotions at scale. To make the most out of automated sentiment analysis, it’s available across the entire platform, from Community to Content Hub, to Analytics to Dashboard.

Italian and French join 7 other languages currently captured by automated sentiment (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Czech, Indonesian), making it easier than ever to determine your customer’s sentiment at scale. If your account has automated sentiment enabled, go to Settings > Task Automation > Sentiment. Ensure the box is checked for Turn ON Automated sentiment for all profiles added to Suite, which will automatically activate automated sentiment analysis for each new profile that’s added.

New to automated sentiment analysis? Check out this article to see how you can leverage automated sentiment to detect shifts in consumer attitudes and identify potential issues that could threaten your reputation.

Seamlessly Integrate Socialbakers Data with API 2.0

With the rapid evolution in technology, marketers must upgrade their tech skills and rethink what was once labeled ‘developer stuff’. Sitting at the heart of all customer data, APIs (application programming interfaces) allow multiple applications to ‘communicate’ with each other. Why should marketers care? APIs simplify cross-channel integrations and enable companies to integrate and organize data to get better insights.

With Socialbakers’ API, integrate Socialbakers data into the workflows that are already established. Enjoy full flexibility and retrieve and process the data you need in any way that supports your business goals. 

Today we’re excited to release Socialbakers API 2.0. With the upgraded API, brands can pull even more data, including aggregated post metrics, LinkedIn metrics, Instagram Stories, and more. And to get more granular, break down the data based on your needs. The new dimensions offer various breakdowns such as profiles, profile labels, post labels, and platforms. 

Whether you want to build on top of your preferred database or start from scratch, with Socialbakers’ API 2.0, you can create custom solutions, and integrate large data sets into the system you’re already familiar with.
To learn more about the API, any new metrics, and what has changed, check out this dedicated article.

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