Instagram Stories Scheduling, Advanced Agent Reporting, Sentiment for LinkedIn

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Instagram Stories Scheduling, Advanced Agent Reporting, Sentiment for LinkedIn

Drive a 360 Content Experience with Instagram Stories Scheduling

In Socialbakers, research, plan, measure, report, and now schedule Instagram Stories! The entire workflow, all in one place.

With this release, you can now prep and schedule content for Stories, right in the Publisher module. With the heavy lifting taken care of ahead of time, the last steps – beautifying and publishing – will be done directly using the Instagram app

Once Instagram Stories are scheduled, they’ll sit with all the rest of your content for a complete view of what’s planned for social. Nice and clear. This all-in-one calendar supports your fast-moving process, allowing you and your teams to check on and cover all bases.

To dive into the process and review Instagram limitations, check out how Instagram Stories Scheduling works in Socialbakers.

Monitor Team Performance with Advanced Community Reporting

Trust and consistency create a great experience for your online community. Bringing all community management operations under one roof is the only way to do this well at scale. 

With advanced community reporting, stay on top of all incoming conversations and get detailed performance insights to improve where it really counts. With the new Incoming Messages widget in Dashboard, dig into important queries, such as:

  • What’s the number of messages you’re receiving?
  • What’s the breakdown per platform? 
  • How many messages have you handled already?

Both Community labels and the new Sentiment dashboard support smooth analysis of consumer feelings, trending topics, and patterns of engagement worth noting. As usual, templates ready to go, but you can always customize your dashboards however you need to. 

For a seamless reporting workflow, use the Reports button directly in the Community module. In doing so, users can quickly move from tactical community management to strategic performance analysis. All personal and shared dashboards are directly linked, making the reporting smooth, simple and super fast.

Track Audience Perception with Automated Sentiment for LinkedIn

Inhale, exhale. No more manual sentiment tagging in your future. With automated sentiment analysis now available for LinkedIn, get the vital insights you need about how your audiences feel about your content – and of course, your brand. 

Automate sentiment analysis in LinkedIn, right in the Socialbakers platform

Automated sentiment is available for English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Czech, Indonesian, French, and Italian. All current and newly added LinkedIn profiles connected in your account are automatically analyzed. Check in on Task Automation in Settings to make any adjustments.

As with all other social media channels, sentiment analysis for LinkedIn is available across the Socialbakers platform – in Community, Content Hub, and Dashboard. Read how using sentiment analysis in Socialbakers helps you understand your audience.

A couple of details to get started: Be sure the profiles have Community connected to ensure easy analysis of comments in Content Hub. And please note that comments of comments are not available. Dive into how to do sentiment analysis in Content Hub.

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