Achieve Social Inbox Zero, Add Alt Text to Posts, Analyze Data with Ease, and More

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Achieve Social Inbox Zero, Add Alt Text to Posts, Analyze Data with Ease, and More

Get More from Your Community Management Efforts

Filter Done Messages to Achieve Social Inbox Zero

Not only the Community managers amongst us know how it feels: you open your inbox and are overwhelmed by a constant stream of messages. From today, achieving social inbox zero is easier than ever! 

Stop wasting time sifting through comments, messages, DMs, or mentions that were already handled. The new “Show done messages” toggle lets you hide all Done messages with one click. Switch the toggle to “OFF” and all messages marked as done by you or your coworkers will automatically disappear from all existing feeds. 

Done messages are hidden by default, however, any changes will be saved for the next time you log in. Keep your inbox neat and tidy and get ready for that oh so lovely feeling of inbox zero. 

New Community Section in Dashboard Wizard

Successful community management depends on the ability to keep performance up and look for ways to continuously improve it. 

In Socialbakers, brands can personalize the analysis based on their needs via customizable Dashboards. In the new Community Widget section, you can see all Community Widgets at once, making it lightning fast to set up your custom dashboard. Measure incoming messages per platform, DMs’ sentiment, number of handled messages – you name it. Once set up, get nitty-gritty with how you want to visualize the data.

Add Alt-Text to LinkedIn or Twitter Posts

No doubt, inclusivity, and accessibility are more important than ever among today’s consumers – in the physical and digital worlds.

To make content more accessible for the visually impaired, and to stay in compliance with the European Accessibility Act, you can now add alternative (alt) text to Twitter or LinkedIn posts. Next time you’re creating a new post, upload an image, click on the alt button on the bottom right of the image, add your text, and hit save. 

Alt text can be added to photos or GIFs and multi-photo Twitter posts, however, adding alt text to videos or multi-photo posts on LinkedIn is not available due to API restrictions.

Add alt text to your content to provide a more inclusive customer experience on social media, make posts more accessible, and maximize reach!

Analyze Content at Ease with the Upgraded Origin of Content Filter

A strong content strategy is crucial to social media success. As part of it, brands need to understand how their own content performs; but also identify top user-generated content they can leverage.

With the Origin of Content filter, this can be done at scale, both in Content Hub and Dashboard. With today’s release comes an improved Origin of Content filter that’s more straightforward and easier to use. What’s changed?

Filter Options Are Renamed to Brand’s Content, UGC, and All Content

From now on, From a Profile and To a Profile have new, simpler names!

  • From a profile > Brand’s Content
    This selection shows you all content created via the social profile that’s connected or that you’re monitoring
  • To a profile > User-Generated Content
    User-Generated Content includes all content that was created by the audience and the public, i.e. posts from Facebook fans and Twitter mentions
  • All Content
    To see both UGC and brand’s content, select All Content

Brand’s Content Is the New Default

To concentrate on what’s most critical, Brand’s Content is the new Default across Content Hub and Dashboard. Once you’ve analyzed your own post performance, switch to UGC or All Content to widen your focus, and understand the whole picture.

What do these changes mean to your existing Dashboard Widgets and how do they affect your searches in Content Hub? Read this dedicated article to learn more and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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