Schedule Carousels, Mention LinkedIn Profiles, Track Media Tags, and More

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Schedule Carousels, Mention LinkedIn Profiles, Track Media Tags, and More

Get Creative with Instagram Carousel Scheduling

Carousels are one of Instagram’s most versatile content formats and a great tool for storytelling. To prep carousel posts in advance and keep things rolling, from today, you can prep and schedule Instagram Carousels right in the Publisher module. 

If you’re already using Instagram Stories scheduling, you know the drill: plan, optimize, and schedule the carousel right in the Publisher module. Once it’s ready to be published, take the last steps – beautifying and publishing – directly via the Instagram app.

For a comprehensive view of your content, head over to the centralized content calendar where you can see scheduled carousels alongside all other social content. And don’t forget to stay on top of any incoming interactions. Do that immediately in the Community module. Now, get your creative juices flowing and start planning the next carousel.

To get started straight away, check out this guide that describes how to schedule Instagram carousels in Socialbakers and gives more insights on Instagram’s API limitations.

Mention Company Profiles in LinkedIn Posts

With 706+ million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is a social media platform that you shouldn’t overlook, especially as a B2B marketer.

A useful tool to boost engagement, encourage interaction, and share content more widely are LinkedIn mentions. And from today, you can @mention company profiles in Socialbakers Publisher.

Simply type @ followed by the company name within your new post, and a list of matching suggestions will appear in a drop-down menu. Click on the profile you want to mention, hit enter, and consider it done.

Use @mentions to give a shoutout to a partnering brand or get a new conversation started. Done? Now sit back, pour another cup of coffee and wait for the interactions to flood in.

Access Instagram Media Tags to Drive Meaningful Conversations

Engaging with your community doesn’t mean churning out post after post like there’s no tomorrow. Having the right mix of creating new posts and engaging with your audience is essential. Responding to a user’s posts can go a long way to building brand trust.

From today, tapping into those conversations is even more straightforward. You’re tagged in a photo or video on Instagram? Get that into your Community feed and follow up with ease. View the post sentiment, leave notes to your colleagues, or add labels. Due to Instagram’s API limitations, you aren’t able to reply to media tags via third party providers like Socialbakers, so to take action, go directly to Instagram.

By tracking media tags, you can stay atop of all major Instagram message types and keep your Instagram profile under control at all times.

Dig Into Facebook Shops Conversations

Facebook Shops are seen as the next big thing in e-commerce and for a good reason! They are a great way to boost your e-commerce strategy with customized online storefronts. In the integrated product catalog, all items are conveniently displayed, and your community can get in touch instantly via direct messages.

To manage incoming DMs from your Facebook Shops at maximum efficiency, you can now see the item image that was commented on directly in the conversation thread. Understand the context at a glance and be sure not to miss out on any potential sales.

Leverage Post-Level Insights with Socialbakers API 3.0

APIs (application programming interfaces) let businesses work more efficiently by creating custom solutions within an existing structure. APIs allow multiple applications to ‘talk to each other’ and obtain data from one another.

With Socialbakers API, integrate all Socialbakers data into your preferred systems to fuel your existing workflows with more data. With the latest API upgrades, pull even more data into your systems and leverage the hard work your teams do in Socialbakers. 

With API 3.0 you can access all data that’s available in Content Hub: this gives you access to post-level insights such as post sentiment or performance grading, as well as post-level metrics from all platforms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more – all your favorite platforms are covered! Please note, individual post comments are not available due to technical limitations.

Boost your business intelligence with post-level data and make your systems almighty by having all your data in one place.

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