Analyze Daily Data At Scale and Improve Your Content Accessibility With Alt Text

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Analyze Daily Data At Scale and Improve Your Content Accessibility With Alt Text

Make Every Day a Great Day for Analysis & Reporting

In today’s world, things can change dramatically from one day to another. To keep up with your performance and market trends on a daily basis, you can now analyze yesterday’s data all across the platform – from Content Hub to Dashboard to Paid Analytics.

Select Yesterday in the date picker and dive right into it. And for convenient performance reporting and knowledge sharing within the team or export your data. And to receive yesterday’s report directly into your inbox every morning, schedule it daily. Welcome to the new joys of everyday reporting!

For Fully Accessible Facebook Posts, Add Alt Text

October is Disability Awareness Month – let’s take this time to assess your communication. Is your content accessible for the blind or visually impaired? 

A great way to increase content accessibility and stay in compliance with the European Accessibility Act at the same time is adding alternative (alt) text to your posts. Next to Linkedin and Twitter, you can now also include alt text to your Facebook posts!

How to add alt text to a post? Start scheduling a post, click the alt button, and type a sweet description of the image content – this is your time to let your unique brand voice shine. Once the text is finalized, you’re done! 

Here’s to creating more accessible online experiences — not just in October, but all year round.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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