Spot Branded Content at a Glance and Access IG Mentions in Hub and Dashboard

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Spot Branded Content at a Glance and Access IG Mentions in Hub and Dashboard

See Branded Content at a Glance All Across Publisher

Brand collaborations and partnerships are a common best practice across industries, from sports to retail. Brands can mark these joint efforts by adding a Branded Content tag directly in Socialbakers Publisher.

The ability to mark content as Branded Content has been a part of Socialbakers Publisher for a long time. This release gives Publisher a usability upgrade: Now, you can see what content is Branded Content, no matter where you are in Publisher – in the editor, all feeds, and the content calendar detail. 

View Instagram @Mentions in Content Hub and Dashboard

Sharing user-generated content from your most passionate followers is a great way to show authenticity and build brand trust amongst your audience. To make your fans an intrinsic part of your brand’s storytelling, you can now access Instagram @mentions across Content Hub and Dashboard.

Track posts where your owned and managed profiles are mentioned to understand what fans are saying about your brand and build long-lasting relationships. Displayed in the UGC filter, IG mentions give you insights into user name, ID, URL, and performance metrics such as interaction count, comment count, and the number of content pieces.

By accessing Instagram mentions, brands can:

  • Discover best-performing user-generated content to repost
  • Identify and build authentic relationships with the biggest fans
  • Get inspired by fans’ posts and save first-class content in Collections
  • Analyze top content that mentions their brand
  • Start a conversation and respond to IG mentions by jumping over to the Community module

What are you waiting for? Share the brand love from your most enthusiastic fans and make them an integral part of your content strategy.

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