Set Sophisticated Label Permissions and Save Geotargeting Presets

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Set Sophisticated Label Permissions and Save Geotargeting Presets

Advanced Label Permissions To Govern Visibility and Keep Teams Organized

When working with large amounts of data, labels are a great way to make your analysis more productive – but only if they’re structured well. From today, you can bundle several labels into Label Groups and set sophisticated label permissions. Stay in control of your data and ensure that the right people have access to the right labels so no analysis gets interrupted.

Create Label Groups To Keep Teams Efficient and Organized

Label Groups work like folders that help you organize labels and declutter your labeling workspace. For your teams, this means just seeing the labels they need to, keeping them organized at all times. To allow for full flexibility, you can add labels to several groups. 

So, no matter if you’re looking to group content by brand, product division, or campaign, label groups help you scale your labeling efforts while your teams stay organized and efficient.

Set Advanced User Permissions To Govern Visibility and Use of Labels

With advanced label permissions, define who has visibility into label groups and the labels themselves. Avoid unauthorized changes and other mishaps by setting an individual user’s permission to edit, apply, or view only. 

And for larger organizations with different teams by region, product line, or vertical, Socialbakers user groups will come in handy, as they let you assign a whole team to a label or label group – just with one click.

Make the Most of Task Automation – Create Rules for Private, Global, and Shared Labels

When working with large amounts of data, automated labeling is your best friend. Taking care of the legwork, it auto-labels content based on predefined rules. 

With today’s release, you can create automated rules for all labels, no matter if they have private, global, or shared visibility. So if you’re the owner or admin of a label, go ahead, create a new rule, and cut yourself and your teams some slack.

No matter if you’re new to labels or want to learn the ins and outs, this step-by-step guide to labels has got you covered.

Save Geotargeting Presets in Publisher

When launching a country-specific campaign or planning language-specific posts, geotargeting ensures you get your content in front of the right people. To be more efficient while doing that, you can now save your targeting presets. 

No need to specify the same countries, languages, or other parameters over and over again. Simply save an entire preset, and next time you’re publishing a post that should be targeted to that audience, select the saved preset, and you’re ready to go. To ensure smooth collaboration between all involved, presets are, of course, shared amongst all users of an account.

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