Manual Sentiment for Listening and Improved Terminology for Automated Labeling

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Manual Sentiment for Listening and Improved Terminology for Automated Labeling

Sentiment Tagging for Listening Content

Understanding how your audience feels about your brand is an integral part of social listening. To help make sentiment analysis more flexible, you can now manually assign and change the sentiment of Listening content.

To ensure no analysis is interrupted, any changes are automatically reflected across the whole platform. This way, when you manually change the sentiment of a post in Content Hub or Community, it will automatically be updated in the other parts of the platform, so your other teams can leverage the insights.

Set Up Automated Labeling with Ease

Task automation is a great way to speed up your data analysis by letting the algorithm do the labeling for you. 

To set up automated labeling rules more easily, we’ve clarified the Settings’ descriptions to match the other parts of the platform. This means that when you create a new rule, you can now choose to label:

  • Brand’s content, incl. all content created by your brand
  • User-generated content, incl. all content from your fans such as user posts, comments, replies, mentions
  • Direct messages, incl. all direct communication between your fans and your brand

And for a more detailed breakdown, hover over What’s Included to see a list of all content that’s part of each of the categories. 

These name changes help create a more consistent experience, no matter where you are in Socialbakers. But don’t fret; they won’t affect any of your existing rules.

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