Say hello to the new Community

The new version is a lot like the old Community – but it’s more efficient than before.

Say hello to the new Community

On June 13th, 2022, all Emplifi users will be migrated to a new version of Community. To help you make a smooth transition, here’s a breakdown of what’s in store for you.

Just like the old Community, but better

Ever since we first launched Community, our priority has been to improve productivity by replacing slow community management processes with an automated approach.

That’s why we’re keeping the most popular features of the old Community, including approval flows, answer templates, multi-action panel, custom feeds, assigning features, and using posts as filters.

In fact, the new version is a lot like the old Community – but it’s more efficient than before.

What’s new?

A Lighter and speedier UI for improved teamwork

We built the new version of Community with maximum productivity and bigger teams in mind. So rather than one big board for all agents, we built a single-panel view for custom global and private feeds so that each agent can focus on their own feed, without distractions.

Better and more logical filtering

From now on, the filter panel will always be visible on the right-hand side. We introduced this new layout to make filtering of custom feeds more robust, easier to use and more efficient.

For example, you can now filter by language and more specific time presets or use the descriptions AND, OR, NOT for more precise filtering. If you use Emplifi Listening, you’ll also be able to filter by query a lot more easily.

Time-saving actions

With the new interface, we focused on speeding up most user actions, like selection of sentiment and status for each post. You can also make faster bulk changes by selecting an unlimited number of posts with a single click.

Still have questions about how the new Community works? Contact your Customer Success Manager anytime to set up a personalized webinar session.

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