Should Your Brand Respond to the Pandemic (Or Any Global Crisis)?

Should Your Brand Respond to the Pandemic (Or Any Global Crisis)?

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It’s an extremely challenging time for us marketers. What we’re dealing with is stressful to say the least; it’s calling for many of us to pivot, and it’s not always easy to change pace so quickly and at this scale.

In this blog, we wanted to answer questions about the pandemic that probably every marketer is asking right now. You can use this checklist now or really any other time when faced with a tough marketing dilemma. 

Should Your Brand Say Something About It?

Most likely it should. If your audience cares about it, you may have to be a part of that conversation. The truth is, no matter what sector you’re in, what part of the world, your audience does care about this specific crisis. If you decide to ride it out without communication, you may have a long, quiet ride. 

What Should You Say About It? 

The easy answer is to just say the thing that is on top of your audience’s mind right now. You should already know your audience well, so you know the challenges that they’re facing in this particular moment. You don’t need to copy others and it’s better to not be generic.

Use all the customer research and intelligence you have gathered over the years to understand what your audience’s concerns will be during this period. Speak to them about it and find a way to offer help.

There will be new pain points that the crisis has brought to the surface. Twitter also released a concise and practical guide that can help you narrow it down to what your message should be. 

Can Your Brand Monetize on This? 

As strange as it may sound, actually, you will have to. However, not from a perspective of boosting sales or running clever marketing campaigns.

You’ll have to offer help, discounts, or free deliveries and services. Currently, it’s about getting it absolutely right at customer loyalty and delivering the most value to your core customer base. There aren’t quick wins in this situation, there is only a long shot here. 

Think of trust as your currency. What can you do to win it at this moment? There are already a number of examples where brands have come to the rescue and made the right moves: 

  1. Grab, a Singaporian ride-sharing company, is providing free rides to the healthcare professionals working the frontlines.  
  2. Both Vauxhal and Airbus are converting their manufacturing lines to build ventilators.
  3. Disney has released Frozen 2 early to encourage people to stay in and enjoy their time. 

What Should Be Your Message? Can You Use Humor?

Every brand has a slightly different tone of voice, and a different relationship with their audience. To get it right, you’ll have to use your empathic powers like never before. Read the room carefully. 

Here’s a short test: Imagine the worst that could happen to someone you truly care about; is there a way that you could make humor appropriate in that situation? Maybe, sometimes, but most likely not. Empathy is your best tool. 

What Should You Focus on During a Global Crisis?

Build a strong sense of community. And that’s not just within your customer base, but within your own company, among your friends, and your family. This is the time to connect online, be present, stay in touch, and share positive moments. You can do that as a brand and social media is the place to do it. 

Now, we are all spending way more time online, more time using new technologies, and we’re communicating in the digital space more than ever. Your brand is a part of that digital space. It’s your conversation, too. You’ll have to own it.

The same goes for us at Socialbakers. If there’s a concern that you have about how to respond to your customers or how to manage your communications, reach out to us and our teams will figure out a way to help. And if, like most people, you’re battling the challenges of remote teamwork, Socialbakers put together a guide follows what you need to set up quickly.

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