RFP Template for Social Media Management Software

RFP Template for Social Media Management Software

In today’s social and digital landscape, brands universally recognize that social media plays a critical role in their overall marketing and sales success. Thus, it’s more important than ever for companies to invest in the right technology to manage, measure, and analyze their social media marketing initiatives. 

This is far easier said than done, since there are a plethora of solutions available at different price points with varying capabilities and features. The right social media marketing solution for your business should be comprehensive and scalable, supporting the use cases you need right now and also the use cases you’ll need in the future. 

How to Use Our Checklist to Compare Solutions and Create an RFP

Whether you are looking for a simple cross-channel publishing solution or an end-to-end social media marketing platform for executing and managing all aspects of your brand’s social strategy (paid and organic analytics, reporting, customer care, etc.), we’ve created a checklist that will help you find the perfect solution for your business’s exact needs. 

This checklist provides a clear outline of the various features and capabilities top brands rely on when it comes to their social media software solutions.

The list is organized into sections that correspond with different objectives and goals for ease of navigation, but it’s important to recognize that all of these features should be inter-connected via one unified platform. Use this checklist to easily evaluate the offerings of different vendors, and as a starting point/template for a clear and comprehensive request for proposal (RFP).

RFP Sections: 

  1. Common RFP Questions for Social Media Software
  2. Coverage and Channel Partnerships
  3. Publishing
  4. Content Planning and Strategy
  5. Reporting, Analytics, and Benchmarks 
  6. Customer Care/Community Management 
  7. Influencer Marketing
  8. AI and Automation
  9. Governance, Oversight, and Security


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