Social Media Trends Report: Key Insights From Q3 2020

Social Media Trends Report: Key Insights From Q3 2020

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The Q3 2020 Social Media Trends Report from Socialbakers is a detailed analysis of the turbulent three quarters that have been tougher for digital marketers than any previous years.

The key points in this report highlight the sharp increases in social media ad spending in Q3 2020, signaling a healthy trust among marketers in the effectiveness of digital channels despite world events.

This year the audiences have shifted their attention even more to digital channels. This has been both a challenge for brands, but also for many an opportunity. Those marketers that were closely monitoring, measuring, and improving their digital audience experiences were able to succeed. The data in this report shows the role social media played in this monumental shift.

In addition, in order to shed full light on user behaviors in this quarter the report highlights time spent on social channels and user engagement overall, followed by the wider trends in influencer marketing.

Here are some of the highlights:

Global Ad Spend Jumps in Q3

Ad Spend by Region

Worldwide ad spend increased by 56.4% in Q3 compared to where it was at the end of Q2. The global spend average at the end of the quarter was nearly double where it had been during the lowest point of the pandemic at the end of March.

The increase was seen most significantly in Northern America, where spend increased by 61.7% during Q3. Part of that was due to a decrease right at the end of Q2 related to a Facebook ad boycott. Even marketers that stepped away from paid ads returned, though, leading to the large spike.

YoY Facebook Ads Reach in Northern America Spikes

Worldwide Facebook ad reach increased by 12.3% in Q3 2020 compared to Q3 2019, according to Socialbakers data.

Facebook ad reach in Northern America increased by 134.9% compared to the previous year, while in Latin America it increased by 49.7%. Other regions with notable increases included Western Europe (up 31.3%) and Central America (up 31.2%).

Longer Videos Perform Better on Facebook

Social media video performance and reach

Long and very long videos on Facebook achieved the best overall performance and the greatest reach in 2020, according to Socialbakers data.

The reach was best for very long videos over 5 minutes, which achieved a reach 70.4% higher than the second best video length (long).

However, the performance of large videos has been declining over the last seven months, and in Q3 2020 it was long videos – over 65.194 seconds but shorter than 5 minutes – that had the best performance index at 23.2%.

Performance index = (unique video view ÷ unique impressions) x 100

The Takeaway

One thing that’s clear after looking over all of the data is that it’s crucial for marketers to do audience research to see how their particular audience’s habits have changed this year. Socialbakers data shows that while time spent online has dropped back to pre-pandemic levels, the time that many people are online has changed and this should be reflected in audience personas.

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