Socialbakers in 2019: The Features That Drive Seamless Workflows for Marketing Teams

No doubt, 2019 has been a bustling year for social media marketers. For Socialbakers, we can just say: same.

Socialbakers in 2019: The Features That Drive Seamless Workflows for Marketing Teams

Our approach to innovation means that every two weeks, new goodies are delivered to the platform. The regular cadence of releases ensures that the Socialbakers features we develop provide immediate value to our clients.

Being agile allows us to anticipate the challenges, trends, and changes that make the job of a marketer so demanding. The scope and complexity of social media marketing continue to evolve. This year’s innovations have helped teams make the most of their valuable time – by optimizing critical workflows. Here, we’ll highlight the key Socialbakers features of 2019 that help marketing teams harness the power of social to deliver exceptional brand experiences.

Bringing Together All Content Intelligence Helps Marketers Connect the Dots Faster

Access Unified Data Insights in a Convenient Content Hub

Marketers have always relied on our platform for deep social media data insights. With the release of Content Hub this summer, we completely changed how marketers access data. All the content feeds that they would visit daily have now been replaced with one convenient, searchable hub. In Content Hub, our clients can easily measure content performance across the board. No need to hop from platform to platform, feed to feed, or competitor to competitor to get the full story.

Research from the CMO Council shows that 42% of respondents are not able to properly leverage customer intelligence to deliver the online experiences that users demand. Content Hub is our remedy to these concerns. Critical data on any piece of content is displayed front and center, including engagement insights, sentiment, and even content quality grades. It’s all right here.

A fan favorite of Socialbakers features, Content Inspiration, has also been integrated into Content Hub. The largest social media content library houses more than 12 billion posts, and adds a key dimension to comprehensive content analysis: a glimpse into what’s trending across all of open social. Marketers can easily complement day-to-day content analysis with this broad outlook to get a keen understanding of the entire social landscape.

Dive Into the Data to Create More Powerful Creative Content

Siloed data continues to challenge marketing teams. According to a 2019 report from Forrester, just 38% of teams involved in the process regularly share data with one another in formats that the other can understand. With Content Hub, all marketing teams can get the insights they need when they need them, cutting out any unnecessary reporting.

Content Hub has opened up the platform to a brand new group of users: designers, who want to know how their designs are actually performing. Bridging the communication gap between content writers and visual designers, Content Hub’s accessibility equips everyone with the data they need to do their part. And this round of functionality is just the beginning. Our clients can look forward to major innovation by the year’s end that will make teamwork butter smooth and efficient. Features such as collaborative content collections, in-platform chat, and further integration with cloud storage systems will support seamless asset-sharing and brainstorming across marketing teams.

Easily Analyze Multiplatform Data From Every Angle

This year, we rolled out significant updates to our popular insights dashboards too. We’ve now added Flexible Widgets for cross-platform analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and VKontakte. With these widgets, users now have incredible flexibility to define exactly how to display their data. They simply can pick and choose every detail a la carte, selecting data sources, filters, breakdowns, and labels to get the data insights they need. This approach provides the best of both words: the unique intel you can get only from customization, and that heavy sigh of relief when results are generated automatically.

Complete Governance of Data Assets Helps Marketers Take the Wheel

Get Control Over Paid Social Media Activities by Unifying All Insights

Paid social media advertising is now more critical than ever – and there’s a lot on the line for marketers to get results. Our Q2 2019 social media trends report covers the reality of rising ad costs. It’s crucial to be able to access results quickly in order to optimize ad content.

The launch of the dedicated Paid Analytics module allows teams to gain much-needed oversight of their paid campaigns. In step with a major market trend, the in-housing of marketing tech, we now provide brands the desired control over and timely access to their own data. There’s no longer a need to wait around for a report that may come too late; with instant access to campaign performance insights, it’s easier to make informed and confident decisions.

This type of transparent reporting underscores the growing importance of data ownership, and supports the positive partnership between all stakeholders in the marketing workflow, no matter the relationship: CMOs and performance marketing teams, headquarters and regional teams, and, especially brands and agencies. When concerns of data access and control are accounted for, crucial when it comes to paid social media, accountability and trust flourish.

Seamless Social Media Management and Customer Care is the New Standard

Boost Efficiency With Socialbakers Features That Support Collaboration

This year, we’ve also expanded publishing and scheduling to include Instagram videos, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Showcase Pages – all from one content calendar. It’s the most organized approach to cross-platform content scheduling that the entire team can get behind.


According to Coschedule’s 2019 report, organized marketing teams are 397% more likely to report success. Being organized also means being able to swiftly adapt to any trend, crisis, or change. The calendar’s new drag and drop functionality makes any adjustments to scheduled content a breeze, allowing teams to be even more agile.

We also integrated Content Hub into the publishing workflow, allowing users to take additional action with the content they discover there. It’s now possible to seamlessly repurpose content from Content Hub, right in Publisher. At the click of a button, any content piece automatically becomes the basis for a new post, helping marketers feed that never-ending content machine.

Streamline Operations to Provide Excellent Customer Care Experiences

Good news for brands using Salesforce; their customer support system was integrated with Socialbakers in June. Directly in the community management module, marketers can create a Salesforce case from comments and direct conversations. With this integration, any friction between social media marketing and customer care systems smooths right out. With Socialbakers, the steps it takes to resolve an issue are drastically reduced, delivering seamless customer service in the least amount of time.

Speed and convenience truly make or break the customer experience. According to PwC’s report, 32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience. Brands that can leverage technology to meet these goals are the ones making a real impact. In October, we further answered this need for speed with community management for mobile users. Beyond just the convenience of mobile availability, community managers are also able to utilize key collaboration cues like internal notes, mentions, and answer templates to achieve a common goal: keeping their communities happy and satisfied.

Continuous Innovation in 2020

As we close out this year, we’re already engaged in 2020 innovations – but there are still so many releases to look forward to until then. Every two weeks, on the dot. It’s good to take the time to discuss and share the areas we truly invested in this year because it all sets the stage for our vision for the future. To see how our unified marketing platform helps solve the most pressing challenges of social media marketers, sign up for a free trial. It’s best to dive right in.

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