The Key Takeaways From A Truly Global Social Media Conference

Last week, social media marketers from around the globe gathered in Prague to hear from industry leaders across the social media and digital landscape. Here are 4 key takeaways from the Socialbakers Engage Prague social media conference.

The Key Takeaways From A Truly Global Social Media Conference

On social media, this year it’s all about the power of conversations. Socialbakers Engage gathered a roster full of the brightest minds that discussed how to build loyal audiences that are ready to react, comment, and have meaningful conversations. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Understanding your audience on social media is crucial 

As a marketer, understanding your audience should be at the heart of everything you do. It’s imperative now, more than ever, to craft content with your audience in mind. No matter what industry you’re in, measuring personas and audience segments will be crucial because you will always have a variety of people within your communities that might have different interests compared to another audience segment.

Mia Vallo, VP of National Geographic Partners, demonstrated how important audience segmentation analysis is to be successful on social media, here’s her top tips:

  1. define who your segments are 
  2. identify what they are really interested in, determine why they love your brand and why they believe in your brand
  3. create an audience analysis by measuring how those segments perform based on your marketing campaigns

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2. Why influencer marketing matters in an age of consumer distrust

Influencer marketing is not only this year’s biggest trend, but it is projected to become $5 to $10 billion market within the next 5 years. We’ve seen brands across industries increasing their influencer spending up to 50%. With a saturation of daily news and display advertisements, people are naturally seeking social media influencers and celebrities as sources for both reliable information and entertainment.

Many speakers discussed the changes to the News Feed, which has made it increasingly more difficult to capture audience attention. With these challenges, comes new opportunity – and brands are turning to influencer marketing to create authentic content and are relying on others to tell their story to the masses.

With the rise of the social media influencer playing a larger role in branded communication, marketers will need to find the right influencer tool to develop effective influencer marketing campaigns. That’s why we were very excited to announce our Socialbakers Influencers feature that will help you identify top-performing social media influencers your audience can trust. Watch the launch below:

3. How to build effective influencer marketing content

Influencer marketing was the main topic of conversation during Socialbakers Engage. When it comes to working with top social media influencers, many marketers don’t know where to start. These are the main tips we learned from Dan Markham from What’s Inside. He boasts over 5.5 million Subscribers on YouTube and spoke about how brands can build effective relationships with influencers to create meaningful content. 

Approach influencers in person 

Rather than reaching out to an influencer on social media, if you can make their acquaintance through a trade show or speaking event, it can go a long way. Developing a personable relationship means everything and will say so much more than reaching out to them randomly on social media. 

Create fun/unique/exclusive experiences 

Dan Markham worked with Mercedes-Benz on a sponsored post, and they agreed to let him cut open one of their seats for his video. Before even visiting the factory, they allowed him to test drive one of their cars. When he arrived in Germany, they showed him around the factory and gave him a tour in a secret vault with Mercedes-Benz cars from every year. Don’t shy away from working with influencers if you have a lack of budget, ‘think outside the box.’ Giving an influencer a unique experience – it can also help them to create better content for you, as they will have a genuine moment with your brand and will be more apt to share these posts. 

Provide experts to help behind the scenes 

Before Dan crafted the video for Mercedes-Benz, one of their experts had labeled all of the parts in the seat and educated him on how they’re made. This helped him craft a video that was both fun and informative – which helped him to stay true to your brand.

Review their channel and social to see how “Brand Safe” they are

Ensure that you do your homework and understand who the influencers’ audience are, and if they match the audience sement you wish to reach and engage. It’s extremely important to determine if they fit with your brand and won’t damage your reputation for their content. 

Allow creative freedom on content 

This is the most important factor of all. If you’ve done your homework and feel confident with the influencer you will partner up with, then you should give them the creative freedom to create something unique. Defining expectations for number of posts is important, but you want them to tell your brand story from their eyes. 

4. How to break through the noise with Facebook Live

Did you know that by 2020, online videos will comprise of 79% of all consumer internet traffic? We are seeing that 80% of Millennials consider video content when making a purchase decision. As the trend of video consumption continues to rise among demographics, we can predict that Facebook Live will become even more important to social media marketers, especially as the News Feed undergoes algorithm changes. Currently, Facebook Live video has become one of the most engaging content types on the platform. Despite that only 20% of brands are utilizing the format, it outperforms native video by 10x more engagement.

We conducted a workshop on the best practices for mastering the art of Facebook Live. Here’s a few tips from what we learned from using Facebook Live:

Before a Facebook Live

It’s important to do a dry run before having a live broadcast. This will help you discover which talking points are the most interesting to discuss, as well as mitigate technological difficulties, and reduce nervousness.

  • Practice a test run 
  • Create hype by Informing your audience what time you will go LIVE 
  • Cross-promote your LIVE to direct your audience from other channels 
  • Know the audience you’re talking to 

During a Facebook Live

  • Open with an attention grabber, something personal, make a connection with your audience 
  • People will be joining at different times, have frequent check-ins e.g. “for those of you joining, welcome, we are with Ms. Smith and discussing…”
  • Engage your audience by asking them to comment and participate 
  • Summarize key takeaways
  • Provide a closing line and call-to-action(s) 

General Tips

  • Breathe deeply, it’s easy to get nervous 
  • Smile at the camera and build that authentic connection with your audience 
  • Use humor and try to relax 
  • Mistakes happen – embrace them 
  • Turn nervous energy into enthusiasm 
  • Pause – it helps to emphasize certain points and shows that you’re reflecting on your thoughts 
  • Have talking points handy or what you need to mention in the video 

The Takeaway

We’ve been organizing these events for the past 6 years, but our Socialbakers Engage social media conference had marketing professionals buzzing like never before. We brought influencers and leading experts in the social media industry from some of the world’s most iconic brands. We heard so many great speeches and learned about the hottest topics today, from the importance of audience segmentation and influencer marketing to leveraging top-performing content formats to keep communities engaged, such as Facebook Live.

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