The Real Way to Track Organic Growth – Social Cast Ep. 14

The Real Way to Track Organic Growth – Social Cast Ep. 14

As marketers, we spend every day not only trying to stay up-to-date, but one step ahead. While much of our decisions are data-driven, it doesn’t always seem to be effective. So what are we doing wrong?

Unfortunately, many companies are missing the mark when it comes to successfully tracking insights across social media platforms. Drawing content strategies based on data from a select few platforms leads brands to make misinformed decisions and creates a cycle of ineffective content.

A simple way to avoid this common mistake is by including all platforms in data reports. Being able to accurately track insights is the basis of growing organically. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, tracking user behavior on all platforms is a key factor in breaking the cycle. 

Additionally, in order to stay ahead, brands need to clearly construct what their short- and long-term goals are. It is typically advised that short-term goals can be achieved through PPC data, while long-term goals require a team to analyse and decide which data strategy will ultimately drive it to success. 

In this episode of the Social Cast we spoke with SEMrush Head of Communications Fernando Angulo about all the ways your brand can truly track organic growth. Don’t waste any more time or man power on lopsided data. 

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Key discussion topics include:

  • How to accomplish short- and long-term goals with PPC
  • How to keep up with Google updates
  • What is the future of SEO and organic traffic?
  • How to avoid common tracking insight mistakesWhat are the key factors in creating an international website?
  • How is voice search evolving and can it be tracked?
  • What role will security and compliance play in the future of tracking insights?

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