The 2020 US Election: What Social Media Data Can Tell Us

The 2020 US Election: What Social Media Data Can Tell Us

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In the 2020 US election, social media is playing a larger role than ever before seen in a presidential race, with both candidates allocating unprecedented amounts of resources and budget into the execution of their social media strategy. 

It’s not hard to see why; 72% of US citizens of voting age actively use some form of social media, and a staggering 69% of citizens old enough to vote use Facebook alone. In addition, Donald Trump’s use of Twitter has been widely acknowledged as having had a tremendous impact on the outcome of the 2016 election.

By analyzing and parsing the vast amounts of social media data generated throughout 2020, we can uncover critical insights on campaign performance, media coverage, voter sentiment, and audience demographics for the upcoming presidential election. 

Key Insights

  • Why Biden is outperforming Trump on Twitter despite Trump’s 80 million more followers
Trump’s tweets are in red; Biden’s tweets are in blue.
  • How Hillary Clinton’s social media performance in 2016 compares to Biden’s in 2020, and what this tells us about Biden’s chances in 2020 
  • Why Fox News boasts a total interaction rate more than 3x higher than any other news outlet, despite posting far less often

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