Webinar: Focus. Capture. Develop. A Community-First Approach

Webinar: Focus. Capture. Develop. A Community-First Approach

Behind every successful global brand is a robust localisation strategy. 

This could involve localising the company website, product information and services, or even adapting marketing strategies to local cultures to stay relevant and appealing.

In this webinar with Canon Australia, we learn how they focus on the right target audience, capture their attention, and develop strong relationships with their customers, all through a community-first approach to content marketing and social media.

Canon is the world’s leading imaging organisation that actively inspires with imaginative ideas that enable people to connect, communicate and achieve more than they thought possible.

Featuring Canon Australia Experts:

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tips to build a community-led approach
  • How to use brand advocacy to drive growth and engagement
  • Inspiration to unlock campaigns to go beyond owned media

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