Webinar: How to Overcome the Real Challenges of Paid Advertising

Webinar: How to Overcome the Real Challenges of Paid Advertising

In an increasingly competitive digital market, paid social media advertisement is crucial for brand success. But why is it so important?

Simple: the majority of social media platforms have become a pay-to-play game, which means that organic reach is at an all-time low and most brand followers are not seeing posted content. So what can we do to combat this?

The first challenge is to understand how paid social media advertising works. Each network functions slightly differently and therefore each requires its own unique advertisement strategy. So where do you get started? How much should you plan on investing?

Don’t worry, Socialbakers is here to give you the key tips and tricks to make paid social media advertising work for you. 

Where to Begin?

Navigating a successful launch of a social media advertisement can be tricky and time consuming. So we’ve already done some of the work for you! Here are five essential steps on how to get your paid social media in order:

  1. Get an analytics solution that can track and measure the data that matters to you.
  2. Connect all your ad accounts in one place for clear overviews, clear collaboration, and multi-perspective insights.
  3. Keep key stakeholders on the same page – it’s crucial for smooth and transparent collaboration.
  4. Benchmark your ad buying strategy against competitors and your industry.
  5. Understand which organic posts you should boost with budget.

Make sure to get all the latest insights on paid social media advertising from our Socialbaker experts in the webinar below. We break down not only how to get started, but share tips on how to overcome tough challenges, avoid common mistakes and build a data-driven strategy that works in today’s paid social media environment. 

Featuring Socialbakers experts:

Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Understand how to build a data-driven strategy in today’s paid social media landscape
  • How to easily incorporate key values and find oversight, unified data, and data ownership 
  • How to overcome tough challenges and invest your time and money in the right places

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