Webinar: Social Media Trends to Know in a Rollercoaster Year

Webinar: Social Media Trends to Know in a Rollercoaster Year

2020 has been a year unlike any other, and it’s not done yet. As marketers work to finish with a strong H2, it’s important to look back at the trends of a wild year to see how things have changed and how you can succeed.

To help you with this, Socialbakers hosted a webinar on The Rollercoaster Year: Every Social Media Trend You Must Know. Covering everything from the effects of the Facebook ad boycott on paid advertising to the brands that have embraced Instagram Reels, this webinar answers the most pressing questions facing marketers in 2020 as they attempt to overcome the many challenges this year has presented.

It’s a difficult time to be successful in marketing, so don’t miss this chance to explore the data and find answers that can help you the rest of the year. Download the full Q2 2020 trends report and watch the webinar below.

Featuring Socialbakers experts:

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Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Brands are prioritizing meaningful content that captures attention
  • Instagram Reels could be game-changing if adopted by young audience
  • Digital marketing is extremely resilient to market changes
  • Brand relationships with influencers are evolving with the current world situation

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