Webinar: Closing the Customer Experience Gap – The Value of Chatbots

Marketing experts share their knowledge on the topic of chatbots delivering value to your customers

Webinar: Closing the Customer Experience Gap – The Value of Chatbots

In order to deliver customers the experience that they expect in 2021, it’s not an option of speed or quality. The top brands deliver both, and one key they use to do this is automated messaging, including chatbots, across multiple channels.

Chatbots help businesses improve customer experiences in a variety of ways, including saving time on both sides by answering FAQs quickly and accurately while also being able to elevate conversations to a human agent when needed. The real value of chatbots is how they’re implemented and used, because not all automated messaging systems are created equal.

In this webinar from Astute and Socialbakers, our panelists discuss customer experiences – and demands – in 2021 and guide you through chatbot implementation and strategies that can help close the expectation gap.

Featured panelists:

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Key Takeaways From This Webinar

  • One key when thinking about the best use cases of chatbots is that they automate to handle everyday inquiries, and when needed escalate to a human agent, who is presented with all of the information that the user already provided to the bot
  • One of the biggest expectation gaps is how long customers expect to wait for an answer on social media platforms, and how long they actually have to wait. Chatbots are a big help in this area
  • By using Astute Bot, one retailer calculated its three-year present value at a savings of more than $546,000, with customer conversations started by Astute Bot also being 40% shorter

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