What Is Business as Usual Now? – Social Cast Ep. 23

What Is Business as Usual Now? – Social Cast Ep. 23

Whether it’s a surge in ecommerce or a newfound demand in delivery-style services, it’s no secret that the impact of coronavirus has shaken up the business environment. However, which changes are going to stick and what’s only a temporary trend?

It’s obvious that consumer spending habits have shifted since the launch of social distancing, with many industries including travel, education, and hospitality experiencing greater uncertainty. Meanwhile, industries such as logistics and video conferencing are encountering an unprecedented boost in sales. 

While the short-term consequences of quarantine are becoming clear, many businesses are bracing for the future of unpredictable consumer behaviors. Precautionary measures include cutting spending in nonessential departments and relocating finances to generate more opportunities.

The longevity of coronavirus has proven to be a time of uncertainty for many people and companies alike. On this episode of the Social Cast, we speak with Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz and a leader in the field of search engine optimization tools, on how he is managing the launch of his latest online tool SparkToro

Tune in to discover how Fishkin is handling the impacts of COVID-19 and what changes he predicts will become the new business as usual. You can also listen to Fishkin’s previous appearance on the Social Cast, discussing how to focus your marketing for the long run.

Discover the Impact of COVID-19 on Social Media Marketing

Key Takeaways

  • What is SpakToro and how can businesses benefit from the new technology?
  • How have marketing trends evolved since the impact of COVID-19?
  • Where and how have spending behaviors shifted?
  • Which departments should businesses currently be investing in?
  • What are the long term implications of delivery-style services and ecommerce?
  • What is delayed demand and what does it indicate for consumer optimism?

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In our previous episode of Social Cast, we spoke with VaynerMedia’s VP and Head of Strategy Aaron Gomez on how to build a strategy for the “new normal”. Tune in to discover new ways to deliver value to clients during these challenging times by listening to Aaron’s episode or watching it.

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