Your Dating Life Is Exactly Like Your Marketing Funnel – Social Cast Ep. 10

Dating can be tricky, but it can teach us a lot about marketing.

Your Dating Life Is Exactly Like Your Marketing Funnel – Social Cast Ep. 10

First dates are a time for getting to know your love interest. Understanding the baseline of your partner’s wants and needs prepares a relationship for success, while the same holds true for client relationships in marketing.

In many ways, clients have a similar wishlist of desires that a new partner would. Typically, one seeks out a person who models honesty, understanding, patience, and effort. In marketing, this can be manifested through listening to the client and respecting boundaries.

Ultimately, practicing authenticity encourages a strong foundation and encourages long-term client retention.

In dating, many of us struggle to keep the spark alive further down the relationship funnel. Similarly, in marketing it becomes a challenge to maintain a customer who is enthusiastic about the product they’re receiving.

A fantastic tool to combat this is by consistently providing the customer (or partner) with valuable information that will support them in achieving future growth or success. In marketing, this can mean being honest about your brand, while in dating it’s about being supportive of your partner’s aspirations.

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day in the office or on a romantic date – or both – these tips will assist you in marketing and in love.

Are You an Overworked Social Media Manager Trying to Plan a Vacation?

Interesting comparisons we discuss in this episode include:

  • How can marketing strategies benefit from a relationship timeline?
  • What can dating goals teach us about long-term marketing expectations? 
  • How do ethics and honesty play a role in client retention?
  • How do personal relationships compare to a user journey?
  • What are the similarities between dating and marketing wishlists?

About the Social Cast:

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In the previous episode, we spoke to expert Matt Shealy about how to build a top-notch remote marketing team. You can listen to that episode here, watch it here, and read Matt’s piece about the subject on our blog here.

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