How 14 Digital Agencies in MEA Win and Retain Global Clients

Dive into the experiences and results of top agencies as they navigate modern digital strategy management

The usage of social media platforms has nearly doubled (+44%) in the last 5 years. New platforms have become major players almost overnight, as younger audiences make their changing preferences the new standard of communication. Increased customer inquiries coming in through social also means brands must be on call 24/7, on any channel at any time.  To satisfy the demand and growing shift towards social commerce and care in MEA, and across the world, digital media agencies must be flexible and innovative. 

Digital transformation isn’t a future goal; it’s the here & now. For agencies managing a wide portfolio of clients, it’s key not only to be agile in execution, but also become a trusted advisor on ever-changing best practices. Agencies that deploy smart technology as part of their workflow will future-proof their approach and deliver results to win and retain their clients. 

We caught up with some of our top MEA agency partners to learn how they handle business and innovate on strategy in this modern world.

Optimizing Content Strategies Using Comprehensive Analytics

Agencies teams must be able to quickly turn insights into next steps, all while speaking the same data language as their clients. To drive meaningful content strategies, it’s all about streamlining data analysis across various brands, channels, campaigns in context. This allows agencies to share focused recommendations based on hard data and deliver clear creative briefs, so that everyone is satisfied with the final outcome. Agencies such as Traffic Digital (AE), Tact Digital Marketing (SA), and Broomstick have found data to be the guide post for their key discussions and decisions. Using Socialbakers centralized data insights is how they can manage client success at scale. 

  • Traffic Digital (AE)

“Socialbakers has proven to be a powerful content analysis and benchmarking tool for us here at Traffic Digital. It has allowed us to maximize big data successfully and interpret it into comprehensive analytics, something you don’t get as efficiently with native platforms. We have seen the results while developing content strategies, where intelligent features like Primetime, Performance Prediction and the Engagement tab have given us the direction to add value to our storytelling approach and customize strategies to serve our clients in the optimal way.”

Dominic Gothard, Group Executive Chairman at Traffic Digital

  • Tact Digital Marketing (SA)

With Socialbakers, we have always been able to look further, by utilizing features that allow us to recognize all the details our clients need to take their businesses to the next level. Socialbakers merge all networks and platforms to create a clear path and vision supporting the content and publishing processes, including every button click, every view, and every step required in the world of social media platforms.

Rayan Al-Tuaymi, General Director at Tact Digital Marketing Co.

  • Broomstick

The advent of Socialbakers into our agency’s social media planning and implementation workstream has played a pivotal role in terms of how we maintain our social media strategy offered to our clients. The capabilities provided by the tool not only help us manage multiple accounts in a streamlined and more effective manner, but the insights go a long way to help us plan and strategize, in some cases even forecasting online attributes. I am keenly excited and look forward to more additions to the tool, as it’s important to have an even more robust tool to handle the already strong social media platforms.”

Chiara Prinzi, Head of Social Media at Broomstick Creative

Being Pro-Teamwork in an Organized, Centralized Workspace

Many voices can make a harmonious chorus or difficult chaos. Agencies that can bring together the best minds through streamlined processes and centralized insights will save valuable time and ensure better results. Through clear communication on timelines and expectations and automated workflows, it’s possible to get even more done, without compromising on quality. MEA agencies such as Wondereight, AMC, and Turrino share their best practices below, emphasizing the importance of a centralized workspace to optimize results.

  • Wondereight

“With Socialbakers, our social media team was able to save hours of work and the hassle of going through unreadable data by accessing invaluable insights in a clear and simple format, creating reports that show the real impact of our efforts. That being said, it has now become possible for us to create data-driven strategies for our clients, thus helping them grow their businesses.”

Jennifer Ghorayeb, Digital Marketing Specialist– Media Planning Manager at Wondereight

  • AMC

Socialbakers has been very much a part of our Social Media team ever since the department was set up. As an important analytical tool, it has contributed to the growing impact of our brands’ social media presence. It has helped us to track the social media success of our brands and benchmark against competition. For us, analyzing campaign performance round-the-clock is critical for making constant improvements to marketing strategies and Socialbakers has saved us loads of manual work.”

Katrina Salaysay, Social Media Executive at AMC

  • Mojo Group Dubai 

“Socialbakers has helped us understand our clients’ audiences, schedule content, analyze engagement, and manage their communities across all channels. It keeps everything tidy, labeled, and all in one place!”

Hannan Iskandarani, Social Media Executive at Mojo Group Dubai 

  • Leo Burnett Riyadh 

“Socialbakers made my life easier with its outstanding features. A sharp user experience & user interface.”

Kareem El Hajj, Social Media Manager at Leo Burnett Riyadh

  • Turrino

“Socialbakers have significantly reduced social media management man-hours and increased our team’s synergy, making us more efficient.”

Abhinav Mehta, Account Executive at Turrino

Committing to Results With the Right Technology Partner

Don’t go at it alone. In life as in business, it’s important to build strong and lasting relationships in order to grow and be successful. A technology partner should provide more than a set of features; it’s about cultivating a joint vision and strategy that can weather the toughest times. Agencies such as Mindshare MEA, Al Sayegh Media, The Social Clinic, Tribal DDB KSA, Quill Communication, and Umami Communications work with Socialbakers’ dedicated customer success teams to receive ongoing support and consultancy when pitching, gaining, and retaining business.

  • Mindshare MENA

“Socialbakers is one of the very few tools I would call ‘partners’ because they share Mindshare’s main values: Speed, Teamwork, and Provocation. Excellent support team, outstanding adaptation, relevancy to the fast-paced digital world as well as top-notch innovations and creative automation solutions for efficiency to best serve clients.”

Karen Haddad, Social and Performance Director at MENA/ Mindshare

  • Al Sayegh Media (AE)

“Being a purpose-driven, data-lead agency means we are always on the hunt for insights that generate the perfect narrative. And that’s why it’s extremely important to have a partner that empowers you and is part of your success story! Socialbakers allows us to do more than simply identify the right markets and audiences, benchmark against industry peers, and extract extensive reports and KPIs. For us, it is the continuous support, responsiveness, and sense of partnership! So, here’s to making history!”

Bana Maizer, Agency Director at Al Sayegh Media

  • The Social Clinic 

“Socialbakers has allowed our agency to effectively scale and achieve social media management on new & improved levels over the past 7+ years. Today, our client management and their thousands of content pieces is a natural, simplified process. We greatly value our relationship with Socialbakers along with the advantages it offers our clientele.”

Yusif Aman, Acting General Manager at The Social Clinic

  • Tribal DDB KSA 

When I’m asked “Why Socialbakers?”, my answer is always “They’re the greatest support system I could ever ask for!” From exporting in-depth reports in an instant to finding out which posts performed better than others – and on top of that, a team that’s willing to help whenever needed – are all few examples of what this awesome tool provides on a daily basis. I’ve been a loyal customer for almost 6 years, and once you work with the bakers, you can never go back!

Salma Shereif, Social Media Manager at Tribal DDB KSA

  • Quill Communication

“Socialbakers has proven to be a great tool for our team. The planning and reporting tools have helped the team automate and streamline processes to ensure greater productivity, while effectively keeping up with the active and dynamic communities we manage. The team has also capitalized on Socialbakers’ insights and analytics to better optimize strategies for both existing and new clients. And, of course, the support of the team at Socialbakers and their training sessions have helped my team explore even more data-led opportunities for our clients in the social media arena.”

Maan Abou Dargham / General Manager at Quill Communications 

  • Umami Communications

“I’ve been using Socialbakers for quite a while now, so when I joined Umami Communications I knew It was the solution I was going to use. Socialbakers is the only software that provides a unified and strong solution for scheduling, monitoring, and analytics. At the same time, the content hub makes our lives easier; it’s a powerful collaborative tool that helps us to be up to date with the latest trends.

Agustin Castellani. Creative Content Director at Umami Communications

Bringing Socialbakers into Your Agency Workflow

As a partner, Socialbakers puts your clients front and center by ensuring your agency operations and teams are equipped with the right solutions and focused support. Working with Socialbakers, you can expect:

When working with Socialbakers, you can expect:

  • A reliable and trustworthy platform with accurate data insights and actionable recommendations
  • Streamlined internal processes and synchronized teamwork, replacing manual reporting with an automated approach
  • Continued education and trending insights that you can embed into your client strategies
  • Tailored support; no matter the request, no matter your use case, we assist you as your partners, every step of the way
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