Telecommunications Brand Airtel Kenya Delivers Big on Community Engagement

How the telco connects with customers with speed and accuracy, no matter the volume of engagement

Airtel Kenya is one of the biggest telecommunications firms in Kenya, and the fourth largest globally, in terms of subscriber base. The growing brand uses data to grow awareness and brand loyalty with their social communities. Socialbakers has been a key solution to be able to scale their communication to their fans and followers.

We use Socialbakers to track our performance on engagement, response rate, and response times. This allows us to improve our approach on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis based on the reports that we pull on performance.”

Muthoni Maingi, Manager of Brand Assets, Experiential and Digital, Airtel Kenya

“We began to earnestly track our social performance in June 2014. Socialbakers was then, and still remains a significant aspect of our analytics suite for this,” continued Muthoni Maingi.

Customers at the Heart of the Brand

Airtel Kenya prides itself on consistently placing the customer at the center of their business, and maintaining a personalized approach as their audience grows. The importance of using digital to create a great customer experience has been growing locally, and has become a cornerstone to their strategy. “Socialbakers ensures that we are clearly able to track our return on investment on social quite clearly, for customer experience as well as on brand metrics.”

The Telco industry generally receives the largest customer care demands compared to any other industry; Airtel is by far no exception. As Maingi explained, “The telecommunications industry locally is one that attracts a significant amount of daily customer engagement and query traffic, so it is important that we keep up to date with the experience demands that our consumers have of us.”

That’s why Airtel believes that responding to customers in six minutes is just too long. They are striving to be at the top of Socialbakers Socially Devoted benchmark, an industry leading target for brands to respond to at least 65% of customer queries. “Socially Devoted is a great score for us to continuously, consistently aim to achieve,” said Maingi.

They aim to achieve a 100% Question Response Rate (QRR) and a Question Response Time (QRT) of under 30 minutes. They have thoroughly improved their improved their QRR and QRT since they adopted Socialbakers in mid-2014 with rising customer demand:

“Our brand is able to not only grow in size in terms of Likes and Followers, but also grow in a more meaningful way for our consumers, through a strategic approach that is competitive, strategic, and sustainable thanks to regular tracking,” explains Maingi.

Achieving Business Goals Through Social Media

Socialbakers has been instrumental in helping Airtel become a strong digital brand and achieve their overall business goals.

Airtel is determined to be a digital business. Socialbakers’ reports are a quick and easy way to translate what we need to do in order to achieve this, not just as the Brand and Digital team, but as a company overall.

Muthoni Maingi, Manager of Brand Assets, Experiential and Digital, Airtel Kenya

Airtel’s social customer-focused approach has not only enabled them to provide customer support, but also impacts social media content performance. They experience higher levels of engagement, increased follower growth, and increased user activity. Just check out their Total Number of Interactions which they’ve been able to increase exponentially since adopting Socialbakers.

This has been achieved by their eagerness to give their consumers a “great brand storytelling experience with their customers at the center”, said Maingi. They use Socialbakers benchmarks to create highly engaging content. “We want to be a branded platform that seeks to recognize exciting new ideas and talent and as one that promotes solution based thinking and good storytelling,” continued Maingi.

The Competitive Advantage With Socialbakers

  • Get a solid understanding of their response rates and times
  • Measure their progress and improvement towards goals
  • Effortlessly managing data as their fans and followers increase
  • Manage tone by interpreting how customers react to certain posts
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