Alicorp Leads Digital Transformation Initiatives With AI Content Intelligence

How the digitally-transformed brand uses AI content intelligence to maximize the impact of social media

Peruvian consumer goods company Alicorp chose Socialbakers to be their partner when they entered the social media scene in 2014. Now as they begin the next stage in their digital transformation journey, Alicorp added Socialbakers powerful AI content intelligence to help them maximize their budget and support them in their wider digital goals.

Using Socialbakers, Alicorp’s core brands on Facebook have increased organic reach by up to 103%, engaged users by up to 253%, and effectivness of Facebook paid content by up to 62% in just a few months.

As a result, Alicorp can now demonstrate that they are achieving their goals in building brand awareness, goodwill, and driving traffic to their websites.

Taking our social media to the next level meant that we needed to make sure we are using our budget in the right way, and Socialbakers is helping us do just that. We’re now able to leverage social media and our budget fully to create engaged audiences across our product portfolio, and drive greater awareness and traffic to our website from social media.

Javier Lastarria, Head of Digital Marketing, Alicorp

Alicorp’s Main KPIs

Alicorp is a large consumer goods company based in Peru, with a total of 13 brands in their portfolio – ranging from industrial, food, cleaning, and animal nutrition products – available locally in Peru as well as across the Americas and parts of Europe and Asia. Digital plays a large role in Alicorp’s marketing strategy.

Alicorp first entered the social media scene in 2014, focusing on reach and engagement as their primary KPIs. They chose Socialbakers as their partner and social analytics provider because they believed it was the best choice for measurement and reporting.

We originally picked Socialbakers as a tool for reporting, and then quickly realized we could do so much more with it – to inform our strategy and to really make data-driven decisions.

Javier Lastarria, Head of Digital Marketing, Alicorp

Establishing the Importance of Social Media

Since 2015, Alicorp’s team has been meeting the goals they initially set out to achieve on social media and have become converts to the power of social media to create brand awareness and goodwill amongst their target audiences.

Their strong results have also helped them communicate the value of social media back to the rest of the business and thereby increase their digital marketing budget. “We truly are a digital-first marketing team and Socialbakers has helped us make the transition,” says Julius Marcus, Digital Marketing Manager for Alicorp Peru. 

As Alicorp’s social media marketing reached maturity and their budget increased, they soon realized that they need new goals beyond reach and engagement, and they need to be able to spend their newfound budget in the most efficient way possible.

That’s when they decided to add AI to the mix with Content Inspiration, PrimeTime and AI-powered content grading. This an all-in-one solution helps marketers optimize the value they get from their social media budget. Since making the change, they have been seeing a profound impact on both their paid and organic results.

Engaging Audiences with Quality Content

Alicorp’s brands Ali, Bolivar, Galletas Casino, and Opal have seen massive improvements in their Facebook performance thanks to Socialbakers. They use Inspiration PRO – a powerful social media content search tool with over 10 billion content pieces – to find the best content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the region and their market to inspire their own content strategy to create content that works with their audiences.

Before Socialbakers, we had to find cool pages and then go through their content one by one and try to see what’s working and what isn’t in terms of content. Now we can just search a keyword or phrase in Content Inspiration and find all of the best content around any topic. Socialbakers makes content creation a lot easier for us.

Javier Lastarria, Head of Digital Marketing, Alicorp

In just 5 months of leveraging Socialbakers’ AI capabilities, Alicorp brands have seen an increase in engaged users. Laundry detergent brand Bolivar has seen a 60% increase on engagement on their paid posts, in addition to a decrease of negative feedback by 23%.

Creating quality content doesn’t just drive engagement; it also helps the team maximize their reach.

Reaching Broader Audiences

Using Performance Prediction content grading – a predictive algorithm that suggests which organic posts will have the biggest impact when boosted and recommends the posts marketers should boost – has enabled Alicorp to identify their best-performing posts and invest budget only in content which they know will perform well.

“Socialbakers allows us to be selective in terms of the content that we should back with budget and to prioritize the posts that should be boosted. It helps us a lot in our work,” says Lastarria.

Optimizing organic reach on both organic and paid posts can go a long way towards a strong social media strategy and optimizing social media value. Being selective in terms of which posts to boost helps marketers focus their budget on the content that their audience will react the best to.

Boosting posts that perform the best can cut CPC in half, lower impression cost by nearly 20%, and decrease negative feedback – helping companies like Alicorp that wish to build goodwill with their audience and communicate with them efficiently and effectively.

Switching to a commitment to quality content and being selective in terms of which content’s reach to optimize with budget has been a process for Alicorp. Like many companies, they work with a content production company and a media buying agency, and have to cooperate efficiently between all stakeholders to make sure they achieve their social media and digital goals.

Before enabling Socialbakers Content Inspiration, PrimeTime, and Performance Prediction, they would place equal parts of their budget on the posts that they believed would perform better. Being selective meant restructuring their process between themselves and their two agencies.

Was it difficult? “It’s not hard, but you have to create a process that works for all the parties involved, to coordinate and communicate efficiently, and to keep it working. Now everything runs smoothly,” comments Lastarria. Was it worth it? The performance figures speak for themselves.

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