Eurosport Scales Content With Centralized Social Media Management

How Eurosport uses Socialbakers to optimize social media management across 50 of their social media profiles

Eurosport television sports network, owned and operated by Discovery, maintains a global social presence. With multiplatform marketing activity spanning across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, streamlined social media management is near impossible without an automated approach.

Partnering with Socialbakers, Eurosport optimizes social operations across 50 of their social profiles. Trading native platforms and countless logins for an efficient all-in-one publisher, Eurosport’s teams can focus what counts: delivering great social content – driven by data – to all of their audiences.

“Before Socialbakers, editorial teams published content natively from the different social networks. Socialbakers not only answers our analytics needs, but also offers advanced publishing options. Using Socialbakers saves so much time – this is the ROI.”

Sebastien Lebreton, Head of Audience, Eurosport

Saving Time and Resources with a Unified Platform

For the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, a major event for Eurosport, smooth social media management was key. Eurosport needed a solution to handle all aspects, from publishing to analysis and reporting.

Eurosport’s editorial teams now use Suite’s integrated publisher instead of native platform publishing. Content scheduling, content labeling, previews, and cross-posting content across profiles saves time and optimizes analysis too.

By aggregating all the data in a single system, Socialbakers allows us to gain a lot of time and analyze our content more precisely.

Sebastien Lebreton, Head of Audience, Eurosport

With content already organized by label the moment it’s published, Eurosport’s analytics team can dive quickly into performance insights by topic, such as sport and competition. “Without Socialbakers, it would have been impossible to implement what we needed. Not only in terms of time and resources, but also in terms of the reliability of data,” said Lebreton.

A Partnership with Socialbakers

Sebastien Lebreton, Head of Audience at Eurosport sums up what a partnership with Socialbakers really means.

  • Efficiency
    Socialbakers is a powerful and user-friendly solution to publish and monitor our social media content.
  • Reactivity
    Client support can quickly solve day-to-day issues and effectively manage important developments.
  • Innovation
    The solution is continuously improving.
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