Digital Marketing Consultancy Evolution People Transforms Into a Premier Partner

How the consultancy leverages data, evaluates competitors, and improves brand awareness for top clients with Socialbakers

Evolution People is a digital marketing consultancy founded in 2012 by Enzo Ciavaglioli (former CEO of Publicis Consultants) and Simone Bianchi. Their clients include Green Network, Fernet Branca, Rocca 1794, Damiani and Piccolo Teatro. As a young firm, Evolution People aspired to become one of Italy’s premier marketing consultancies. Socialbakers helped them get there.

A few months after starting to use Socialbakers, we increased our clients’ interactions by over 200% and grew their fans by nearly 25%, helping establish ourselves as a premier digital marketing consultancy.

Simone Bianchi, Co-Founder, Evolution People

Growing Reputation and Credibility

Evolution People realized that to further their reputation and credibility, they needed a solution that would help them leverage data, evaluate competitors, and improve their clients’ brand awareness on social networks.

The main reason we chose Socialbakers over all the other solutions is because it offers a comprehensive view of all brand pages we’re responsible for. It also offers specific benchmarks based on country and page type, allowing us to track those KPIs that are meaningful to us and our clients. Socialbakers the ideal solution when you want to create a social strategy and manage a successful social media presence.

Simone Bianchi, Co-Founder, Evolution People

Socialbakers plays a key role in Evolution People’s marketing strategies for their clients, offering a data-driven approach that creates benchmarks, compares competitors, and provides in-depth analysis.

Proving Top Client Success with Comprehensive Analytics

Evolution People’s use of Socialbakers has resulted in a series of winning social strategies for their clients:

  • Damiani are an internationally recognized luxury jewelry and watches brand. However, over 90% of their social media followers were from Italy. Evolution People’s goal was to make Damiani a global brand on social media. In a few short years, Damiani’s has grown their international audience from 10% to over 40% by applying insights from Socialbakers data.
  • The Gruppo Green Network is one of Italy’s most well-known independent energy companies. It can be difficult for an energy brand to develop a creative presence on social media. However, using Socialbakers data, Evolution People created a strategic video campaign in 2015 that quickly went viral and resulted in organic growth across all social media channels.
  • Fernet-Branca are an Italian liqueur brand. Two years ago, their social media accounts lacked cohesion and a clear direction. Armed with Socialbakers Analytics, Evolution People created a comprehensive strategy. By constantly adapting the content plan based on data, Fernet-Branca not only caught up with competitors’ engagement levels but now surpasses them month after month.
  • Roca 1794 sells some of the world’s most exclusive luxury jewelry and watch brands. With two unique demographics – men who love highly-detailed watches and women who enjoy luxury jewelry – Evolution People had to find the right balance to speak to both of these markets on social media. After learning from Socialbakers Analytics what products had the best results on social, they created brand-specific campaigns to reach the unique fan bases. This strategy resulted in an increase of reach and engagement among both target demographics.

Solidifying Their Place as a Premier Consultancy

Evolution People has increased their clients’ social media reach and engagement around the world with the use of Socialbakers. By leveraging the insights and data, they were able to develop solutions for their clients and implement successful social media strategies. These string of successes have set Evolution People apart as one of Italy’s premier digital marketing consultancies.

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