iCrossing Gives Their Clients the Power of Analytics To Drive Results

How iCrossing drives competitive results for their with a single source of data truth

iCrossing describes itself as being “idea-driven, results-oriented, and unapologetically geeky,” so it’s no surprise that data is a cornerstone of their client services.

Based in the U.S., iCrossing builds digital marketing connections for some of the biggest, most well-recognized brands in the world like The Coca-Cola Company and LG Electronics. With iCrossing’s tailor-made campaigns, brands connect with their customers across bought, earned, and owned media.

We really appreciate a single place to compare our own brands to their competitors. We use Socialbakers Analytics for clients’ and competitors’ audits and monthly reports so that we can quickly delve into developing insights that ladder up to our clients’ larger business goals,

Sabeen H. Ahmad, Associate Director of Social Strategy

“While each client has his or her own set of business goals, we utilize nearly all the metrics available on Socialbakers to provide insights to work towards realizing those goals,” said Ahmad.

Social Media as Customer Service

For iCrossing’s clients, the most telling data are the numbers relating to reach, engagement, and response. That’s because, as Ahmad notes, “Social has become much more of a customer service tool for many brands.”

Socialbakers tools help streamline that customer service. With multinational clients headquartered around the world, it’s crucial for iCrossing to pinpoint the best times and dates for their clients’ social media profiles to engage with customers. For example, with Twitter data, “having year-over-year follower growth, (and) tweet engagement by the hour and day allows us to strategically plan out content and activity at times we might not have otherwise.”

Additionally, getting a broader view of the success of their online marketing efforts allows iCrossing to provide better service to those clients. “We really appreciate a single place to compare our own brands to their competitors,” Ahmad says.

Using Data to Pursue New Clients

Data from Socialbakers assists the iCrossing team members in their pursuit of new clients, Ahmad notes. “We use the Socialbakers to audit the potential client and its competitors and also help establish a baseline from which to start.”

For making those reports and projections, Socialbakers Analytics has an intuitive format that lets iCrossing’s team base creative work and overall strategy on easy-to-access data represented by straightforward graphics.

“The variety of and simplicity of the visuals helps us quickly pull information and make comparative insights, which informs much of what we do going forward, and sets our clients apart from the rest.”

Keeping Up With Trends and KPIs

iCrossing faces the same challenges as many agencies do on social media. They must keep clients around the world completely informed about their social media performance and react to shifting priorities that their clients identify. They also have to respond to client queries thoroughly and immediately, and be able to regularly report their clients’ and competitions’ performances to them. This can be tough to keep up with, especially the changing patterns in social media for a variety of different companies that all have unique KPIs.

By using Socialbakers, iCrossing can show their clients that they have access to a complete set of competitive data that reveals growth patterns, content performance, and customer care success.

With extensive reporting functionalities, they are able to communicate results with their clients clearly and quickly. Additionally, with the thought leadership Socialbakers provides, iCrossing remains informed about emergent trends in social media, which helps keep them ahead of the curve and increases their trustworthiness to clients and their reputation for prospects.

The Competitive Advantage With Socialbakers

  • Multiple reporting methods, including in-tool Powerpoint Reporting
  • Competitive metrics divided by region, industry, and time periods to help any client
  • Global offices that allow iCrossing to work with clients in various languages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Enables iCrossing to audit prospective clients and find a baseline from which to begin their partnership
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