Jägermeister Expands Global Reach With Audience-Focused Localized Marketing

How Jägermeister uses Socialbakers to generate valuable, local intelligence to focus on continuous improvement across markets

Jägermeister is an internationally well-known German herbal liqueur and is currently available in 108 countries. The brand’s main goals includes increases awareness, engagement and brand likeability in local markets through local partners. Their challenge is to ensure they promote responsible drinking to, and engage with, age-appropriate audiences, in compliance with local legislation. 

To make their evaluation process more valuable, they’ve integrated data-driven insights for consistent improvement. Reach and engagement have increased significantly in target markets since they began using Socialbakers in 2014.

Socialbakers equips us with the KPIs and metrics we need to meaningfully evaluate our performance across social channels and countries. Generating valuable feedback and local intelligence, we can focus on continuous improvement in our markets.

Sebastian Blanck, Digital Marketing Specialist, Jägermeister

Local Audiences, Local Engagement

Using Socialbakers, Jägermeister is able to have a global overview of all markets. This insight is shared with local teams to improve strategies and align campaigns with goals. Feeding a decentralized strategy with centralized insights provides the best of both worlds: authentic engagement with local audiences, plus consistent branding at a global level.

“Continuous communication between HQ and brand managers in regions ensures not just a great working atmosphere, but also an active international exchange on issues and integrated brand communication to consumers,” explained Blanck.

Reach and engagement have increased significantly in target markets since they began to use Socialbakers. Access to unified insights makes it easier to understand local successes and apply best practices globally.

It was hard to find global social media measurement tool that allowed for a meaningful comparison of all local Jägermeister markets, while remaining relevant to each local team. Socialbakers helps us to add more structure and streamline our evaluation process to make it more efficient.

Sebastian Blanck, Digital Marketing Specialist, Jägermeister

Jägermeister local marketing drives personalized, relevant content experiences with diverse audiences

Socialbakers allows Jägermeister to merge and analyze local data against relevant benchmarks to discover what works, what doesn’t, and help develop realistic and actionable KPIs for each region.

Since starting with Socialbakers, Jagermeister has seen an over 100% increase of brand reach and engagement in select regions.

Unique Challenges For the Industry

Alcohol brands operate in one of the most competitive spaces on social media today. The industry is faced with a unique set of challenges for marketing products and engaging with age-appropriate audiences. Jägermeister is by no means an exception.

With the help of Socialbakers tools, the brand has been able to conduct detailed analysis to more easily monitor and comply with local guidelines.

“As a family company, we are aware of our responsibility to the people who consume our products and therefore are committed to the responsible marketing and advertising of our products. We pay special attention to ensure that our sales, marketing, communication, and advertising activities promote the responsible enjoyment of our products by adults of legal purchase age who choose to drink,” said Blanck.

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