Kit Kat & Purina Australia Identify Success Factors to Make The Most of Social

From kittens to school kids to workers who just need a break (with a Kit Kat), Nestlé products are enjoyed by a huge range of Fans across all demographics. At Nestlé Australia, reaching those fans’ niche communities on social media requires a deep look into social data.

By fine-tuning our content based on Socialbakers Analytics data, Kit Kat’s Facebook has seen a 116 percent increase in our average monthly interactions.

Jasper Sadubin, Social Media Manager

With a roster of popular brands that includes chocolate bars, pet food, powdered drinks, noodles, and breakfast cereals, Nestlé Australia has to segment its social activity to give customers content and responses tailored to each brand. For deeper insight into when its audiences are online and what information most resonates with them, Nestlé Australia uses Socialbakers.

Analytics, in concert with the work of the company’s Australian Digital Acceleration Team (DAT), has greatly increased the Nestlé brands’ engagement while reducing the Nestlé team’s response time to Fan Interactions. Now, the 11 member staff at DAT looks after engagement and monitoring in-house with 17 brands across Nestlé in Australia and New Zealand.

Nestlé’s Oceania-focused Kit Kat Facebook page, for example, has greatly increased its engagement with Fans since it began using Socialbakers.

“The tracking of Facebook Post Performance with Socialbakers enabled us to quickly and easily see what content resonated the most with the Kit Kat community, as well as what was working well for our competitors,” said Jasper Sadubin, one of Nestlé Australia’s Social Media Managers. The page’s average daily interactions have seen an impressive improvement, up 93% percent in 2014.

Close monitoring of the Purina Facebook page using Socialbakers helped us identify the key engagement drivers for the community and increase the number of interactions by 14 percent.

Justine Cusack, Content & Community Manager at Nestlé Australia

Sadubin and his teammates analyze their brands’ performance against competitors and also against the other Nestlé brands, which has increased social performance across the board. “As a result, the Purina community has seen a 14% increase in average daily interactions; Fans have never been more engaged,” says Justine Cusack, the Content & Community Manager with Nestlé Australia responsible for Purina.

Socialbakers unified data has also enhanced the Nestlé team’s social customer care and rounds out its overall social strategy. As an example, Sadubin offers the Allen’s Lollies brand: “To make sure that we were reaching and engaging as many of our lolly-loving Fans as possible, we used Socialbakers to identify optimal post day, time, and frequency. This information helped Allen’s significantly lift post engagement, reduce the time it takes the team to respond to Fans by more than 7 hours , and spread even more joy!”

The DAT team members work hard to make sure their brands’ strategy is competitive, engaging, and sustainable. With Socialbakers, Nestlé Australia has been able to create systems for their social marketing that will support increased brand engagement into the future: “Socialbakers helped us develop best practices for the Purina brand’s social presence,” Cusack said.

Quick Facts

  • Nestlé Australia’s region includes New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific
  • Parent Nestlé (Swiss) is home to more than 8,000 favorite brands
  • Popular brands under Nestlé Australia include Kit Kat and Aero chocolate bars, Uncle Tobys breakfast cereals as well as Milo and Nescafé drinks
  • Fancy Feast, Supercoat, and Friskies pet food are popular brands under Nestlé Purina Australia. Nestlé products have been available in Australia since 1806
  • Active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Parent Company: Nestle


  • Build awareness of and affinity for 17 different Nestlé Australia brands
  • Improve response time to customer queries
  • Track the social performance of nearly 100 competitor brands

The Competitive Advantage With Socialbakers

  • Benchmark across the industry and also among in-house brands
  • Identify trends both by brand and across the industry
  • Build sustainable business practices and workflows
  • Reach the target of sending customer responses within 24 hours
  • Assess which content types resonate for the Fans of each brand
  • Identify and reward the most active community members
  • Save time previously spent aggregating data
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