La Redoute’s Audience-First Strategies Lead to a 40% Increase in Turnover

How online retailer La Redoute uses deep content intelligence to grow engagement on Instagram and deliver real business results.

Online retailer La Redoute uses Socialbakers’ deep content intelligence to help grow engagement on Instagram and impact the customer journey. What makes the difference? By understanding their audience’s interests, engagement patterns, and more, they are able to deliver incredibly relevant content experience on social media to drive real business results.

Audience analytics plays a key role in helping us to shape our social media strategy. Socialbakers’ integrated approach to content intelligence has enabled us to create more engaging Instagram posts, backed by data insights, to grow our engagement, web traffic, and, most importantly, sales.

With this integrated approach, we have been able to drive greater intention to buy and grow the conversion rate from our campaign “Les Préférés” by 40%.

Anna Faure, Head of Social Media at La Redoute

Driving Audience Engagement and Action

La Redoute, the #1 ranked French e-commerce site for apparel and home decor, offers “French style made easy.” Wanting to bring greater ease and results to their social content strategy too, they chose to partner with Socialbakers.

Committed to delivering an exceptional online experience, La Redoute’s social team knows that engaging content is the key to nurturing meaningful relationships, growing awareness with new audiences, and ultimately, driving purchase intent.

With Socialbakers’ audience-first perspective on content intelligence, La Redoute has been able to create more engaging Instagram posts driven by data to exceed their KPIs, and, most importantly, increase sales.

La Redoute’s compelling social media performance drives tangible business results

The Workflow From Strategy to Attribution

How does La Redoute inspire their audiences, increase purchase intention, and create brand storytelling that connects? Three main pillars help them achieve results.

Deep Content Intelligence

  • Insight into competitive performance, marketing personas, and top-trending social posts helps La Redoute focus their creative planning. With content intelligence supporting every step of the way, including AI recommendations on when to post and how to best invest, they can drive the performance of great posts even farther.

Scalable Content Management

  • Staying agile is key to collaboration, from coordinating online assets to resolving publishing tasks on the go. Using Socialbakers’ integrated publisher and approvals, La Redoute can easily execute a dynamic Instagram strategy, incorporating user-generated content and trusted influencers for an authentic approach.

Transparent Social Attribution

  • No need to switch between systems to get and share a deep look at social results. Using customizable dashboards, La Redoute can now monitor campaigns more easily to take their ad spend farther, get key engagement with the right audiences on Instagram, and ultimately, prove just how big an impact social has on business.

La Redoute logo

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