McDonald’s KSA With Agency Ethos Interactive Put Community First

How @McDonaldsKSA and their agency Ethos Interactive led the industry in community management for 5 consecutive quarters on Twitter

Engaging With More Customers, Faster

Proactive community management is about leveraging every opportunity to connect more deeply with your customers. Ethos Interactive and their client McDonald’s KSA understand the value of timely and personalized community management first hand.

With their agency Ethos Interactive, McDonald’s KSA was Socialbakers’ #1 Socially Devoted brand in the retail food industry globally for 5 consecutive quarters (Q3 2017 to Q3 2018) on Twitter.

With a 61% better response rate and 5 hours and 30 minutes faster response time than the retail food industry benchmark, the iconic food chain was able to foster great relationships, increase brand loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction overall.

Every customer engagement is an opportunity to enhance our relationship and create a great experience for our community.

That’s why Socialbakers is an integral part of our community management strategy. With Socialbakers’ easy-to-use interface, we have the ability to close the gap in cross-team communication so we can give our customers the attention they deserve.

Osmat Awar, Director, Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility McDonald’s RICC

Success By The Numbers With Socialbakers

Results That Impact the Community

  • Happier Customers
    With Socialbakers’ instant notifications and internal cues, McDonald’s KSA and Ethos Interactive had timely and thoughtful conversations with their community members, which resulted in higher satisfaction
  • Improved Team Collaboration
    Ethos Interactive was able to streamline their communication directly in the platform to improve collaboration and unite all teams behind common goals
  • A Smart Workflow
    With an end-to-end solution, McDonald’s KSA was able to measure and track progress in real-time through comprehensive dashboards
  • Clearer Business Goals
    With an organized community management workflow, more time could be spent on creating engaging content, which impacted audience growth and retention
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