MSC Cruises Converts Customer Dreams into a #MedWayofLife

How the brand fine-tunes its social marketing strategy to connect with diverse audiences worldwide

True to its Mediterranean spirit, MSC Cruises believes in sharing moments and values. “We sell dreams to our guests,” says Luca Catzola, the Chief Marketing Officer at the cruise line’s headquarters in Geneva. Since the beginning, this has been the goal for MSC Cruises: making sea travellers’ dreams come true on high-quality cruises in the Mediterranean and across the world.

A Central Overview of Local Content Performance

Though MSC Cruises has plenty of experience interacting with its guests through social media, each country office had a very local approach which prevented the company as a whole from having a real, centralized picture of how its extensive fan base was reacting to its social pages. In 2012, they selected Socialbakers to get a full picture of what’s going on, especially in terms of engagement.

We can’t imagine having a social strategy without Socialbakers.

David Arcifa, Corporate Social Media Manager

MSC Cruises uses Socialbakers to monitor engagement and response rate on their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels. They recently celebrated their two-millionth Facebook fan and, as they are now able to identify key influencers amongst their fans, MSC can now invite them to targeted events, such as the Christening of MSC’s flagship vessel, the MSC Preziosa.

Sharing Brand Values Via Social Media

Holidaymakers dream of enjoyment, discovery, and relaxation. As part of their social media strategy, MSC Cruises emphasises the company’s Mediterranean heritage and commitment to providing a high-quality holiday experience. With the “Mediterranean Way of Life” slogan (and accompanying #MedWayofLife hashtag), MSC Cruises is able to signal its brand’s values and connect those values to the entire customer journey.

“Today, it’s key to have a social media strategy,” adds David Arcifa, MSC Cruises’ Corporate Social Media Manager. However, putting the strategy in place wasn’t simple. “The biggest challenge was to launch our brand positioning in 45 countries with different time zones and cultural backgrounds,” Arcifa said. “So, how to do it? How to share it?”

The solution: Socialbakers. MSC Cruises’ social media team was able to track performance indicators and help the company fine tune its global social marketing strategy at the corporate level.

With Socialbakers, you can focus on the right consumer, the right content, with the specific channel, at a certain time. Consumer engagement is crucial before, during and after the experience of the cruise.

David Arcifa, Corporate Social Media Manager

Additionally, MSC Cruises’ strategic use of social media has helped them raise brand awareness in targeted countries and benefit from the growing online popularity of the company.

The next steps in the cruise line’s social media strategy include refocusing on social media customer care and on coordinating their content across platforms, Arcifa said. “Together with Socialbakers we will achieve these important goals.”

The Competitive Advantage with Socialbakers

  • Accompany MSC Cruises in its expansion
  • Enables analysis of consumer engagement on social media in different markets
  • Being able to analyse which posts are most engaging and tailor the content strategy accordingly.
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