Telecom Giant Orange Perfects Internal and External Communication

How the French telecommunications company handles the entire social media workflow with Socialbakers real-time data insights

French telecommunications giant Orange works on seamless communication both with customers and with regional teams across 29 markets. Socialbakers helps provide an answer for both.

With Socialbakers, we are now able to produce real-time content, to monitor more effectively, and to be more engaging.

Lionel Fumado, Head of Social Media, Orange

Community Engagement is a Key Component

Social customer care is really important for Orange as a service company. “We’re really proud of what Orange has been doing on social media with the help of Socialbakers,” said Lionel Fumado. “We’ve shown tremendous growth recently,” he continued.

They use Socialbakers Socially Devoted to track performance in this area. It’s key for them to measure the quality of their customer care on social. Not only is it important for improving brand loyalty, it also supports their content strategy. “It helps a lot to understand what people really like, and to build better content around it,” said Fumado.

A Custom Social for Transparent Real-Time Reporting

In addition to using Socialbakers analytics for creating campaign strategies and analyzing growth and engagement, Fumado’s team also uses a Socialbakers custom data command centers to display the real-time information Fumado’s team needs to coordinate Orange’s social marketing in Europe and around the globe.

“Visualized data is timesaving, it allows us to have the right data provided to the right person at the right time,” Fumado said.

Socialbakers’ role is helping us see what’s happening and how we are performing versus our competitors. We’re a small team and we quickly need to understand how to coordinate our performances everywhere at an outsize scale – and Socialbakers helps us do that. We can set standard & consistent KPIs to measure our worldwide social activity, benchmark with competitors and consolidate data.

Lionel Fumado, Head of Social Media, Orange

Using the command center, Fumado’s vision is to present social media as a matter for everyone within the company and become a true social business. Even departments that are not traditionally public-facing, should be digitally oriented, he believe.

“Displaying data on these screens creates a customized, easy-to-visualize real-time report, that makes work easier for his team,” says Fumado.

The hub allows for better in-house communication and more effective collaboration across departments, and across regions. Around the world, their performance has improved. One challenge the hub helps address with its visualizations is getting team members to think about social and digital needs.

The Competitive Advantage With Socialbakers

With Socialbakers Analytics, Orange can:

  • See data from multiple platforms together on one dashboard
  • Quickly convey information to decision-makers
  • Benchmark social performance across regional pages
  • Compare social performance with competitors
  • Improve on customer engagement
  • Create custom label views for different regions
  • Generate automated reports
  • Compare multiple types of data on one screen
  • Customize the interface
  • Integrate Facebook Insights with other analytic data

With Socialbakers Social Media Command Center, Orange can:

  • Raise awareness for social media performance with team members across departments
  • Get real-time information to departments that need it
  • Easily visualize complex data
  • Monitor regional performance at a glance

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