Viñedos La Redonda Ranked #1 in the Alcohol Industry Mexico Benchmark

How the winery pairs data with creativity to inspire great digital customer experiences

Wine is a growing interest on social media in Mexico in comparison to the wider alcohol industry. With a lot of big players to contend with, winery Viñedos La Redonda has found new and creative ways to make a name for themselves across the board. This is evident in their results. In Q3 2020, Viñedos La Redonda ranked #1 in audience engagement on Facebook and Instagram in the alcohol industry benchmark in Mexico, according to Socialbakers quarterly reports.

What best practices help the brand stand out and meaningfully connect with audiences? Great content combined with a focus on customer feedback helps them not only grow engagement, but also impact brand loyalty and sales. Here, we explore how “El Vino de Querétaro®” builds on their success: 

  • Measure what content resonates with various audience segments
  • Build a data-driven strategy and satisfy customer needs
  • Develop product lines and campaigns based on what audiences want
  • Become #1 in the Alcohol industry benchmark in Mexico in Q3 2020

An Investment In Great Content Experiences

For Viñedos La Redonda, success is a result of continuous investment in their digital acumen. CEO Claudio Bortoluz shares the brand’s approach to the social space.

Viñedos La Redonda was born 45 years ago. Today, we continue to drive our vision of being close to our customers wherever they are – now on social media. To do so, we’ve made very specific technology investments, and also created a team where creativity is encouraged, backed by the best analytics software and trainings & certification in digital strategy. We aim to innovate and be at the forefront of technology and e-commerce.

Claudio Bortoluz, CEO Viñedos La Redonda

Viñedos La Redonda nació hace 45 años. En estos momentos, La Redonda continúa con una visión enfocada en el contacto con sus clientes en donde se encuentren – ahora por medio de redes sociales. Para lograrlo, hemos hecho inversiones muy puntuales en tecnología, así como también hemos creado un equipo donde se fomenta e incentiva la creatividad, respaldados por el mejor software de Analytics y entrenamientos & certificación en estrategia digital. Nuestro objetivo es innovar y estar a la vanguardia en el tema tecnológico y de e-commerce.

Claudio Bortoluz, CEO Viñedos La Redonda

With Socialbakers social media marketing and customer engagement platform, Viñedos La Redonda can constantly monitor their most effective content pieces to give their audience new and better experiences across the entire customer journey. A journey that starts with great content.

Viñedos La Redonda’s engaging Instagram content in Socialbakers Content Hub

Samanta Martínez, Community Manager at Viñedos La Redonda shares her perspective: “Content is king. Using Socialbakers, we can know what people want to see and their topics of interest. This helps us position ourselves and give our audience better content. Our consumer strategy is not just about selling, but truly being a part our audience’s lives every day. We’re a fun wine brand with many things to share as part of the wine experience.”

Listening To Audiences To Make the Right Call

Beyond increasing social engagement, Viñedos La Redonda has been able to generate significant business results from activations across social. From pre-purchase to customer care, the combination of social media analytics and listening underpin their biggest decisions about how to truly personalize the brand experience.

The company has built personalization into the fabric of their operations. Ana Laura Medina, Interaction Coordinator, shared her view on why listening to audiences is just how business should be done: “Interaction with clients in a personalized way generates an effective bond with the brand. Many customers share how happy they are to have each comment answered. Above all, immediate, relevant attention encourages frequent interaction. We then become part of their conversations about our services, and even about their personal lives and experiences.”

Mauricio González, CTO at Viñedos La Redonda shares how they see the relationship between these key interactions and business results. “Knowing how to listen to our audience helps us all. Our company and our clients. With Socialbakers, we’re able to analyze the sentiment of our customers and use that insight to create new products and packages closer to what they want,” he said.

This data-first approach led to the brand to register the DÍA NACIONAL DEL VINO® brand for marketing purposes, running the National Wine Month campaign the third week of October 2020. They created and promoted collectable festive labels, which was very well received by customers, as shown below.

The recognition of their hard work is an important social media milestone; looking beyond performance metrics, the business impact is also crucial to highlight. In Q4, the company ran a two-week campaign to increase website visits and boost customer retention. “It’s very important for us to maintain a close relationship with our best customers. In this campaign, we leveraged the sentiment insights we had already identified in our audience to achieve +32.87% customer retention,” shared González.

Success for the Future

As Viñedos La Redonda plans for the future, Socialbakers continues to be a key partner to help the brand achieve their goals.

Socialbakers is a fundamental solution that allows us to listen to our audience and attend to their needs as quickly as possible. With benchmarking and in-depth social media analytics, we are able to develop products loved by customers, strategize better, and as a result, we were rated #1 in the Alcohol industry benchmark in Mexico in Q3 2020.

Mauricio González, CTO Viñedos La Redonda

Socialbakers es una solución fundamental que nos permite entender a nuestra Audiencia y enfocarnos en sus necesidades de la forma más rápida y precisa posible. Con Benchmarking y un análisis a profundidad en social media, somos capaces de desarrollar nuevos productos aceptados por nuestros consumidores, crear estrategias enfocadas, y como resultado, hemos posicionado a La Redonda como el #1 en la industria de Alcohol en México en Q3 2020.

Mauricio González, CTO Viñedos La Redonda
Viñedos La Redonda ranked #1 in the alcohol industry benchmark in Mexico
Viñedos La Redonda logo

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