VIPS Restaurants Received +677% Average Interactions Compared to the Industry

The restaurant chain in Mexico partners with Latam Digital Marketing agency to drive competitive results

With more than 275 branches in 41 cities in Mexico, VIPS is a restaurant chain where diners have felt welcome since their inception in 1964. Today, as consumer and dining habits change, it has become especially important for the brand to maintain relationships and invest in consumer loyalty.

One-hundred percent data-driven and committed to real results, Latam Digital Marketing agency brings more than 6 years of experience to the table, primarily in Mexico and Panama. A standout partner for consulting, strategy, and deep analyses, the agency further bolsters client success through strategic alliances with tech industry giants like Google. 

With emphasis on lead generation and marketing performance, Latam Digital Marketing Mexico is a close partner of VIPS. Using Socialbakers, they provide a differentiating service to drive compelling results. What makes the partnership a resounding success?

Focused Benchmarking to Stay a Cut Above the Industry

To set ambitious goals and engage in the busy social landscape, competitive benchmarking is a must. As a best practice, Latam Digital Marketing continuously monitors and reports on where VIPS stands against not only individual brands, but also against fast food, restaurant, and delivery industries for a wider understanding of their content performance in context. 

The best thing about Socialbakers is that it adapts to our needs. From giving us the insights we need for our reports to the possibility of looking for ideas to inspire us. It allows us to personalize the information we want to see and provide the client with the data they need to take the right course with their businesses. For this reason, I consider that Socialbakers is without a doubt a must-have for all those who work in the digital field.

Isabella Gómez, Senior Account Manager & Social Media Manager, Latam Digital Marketing HQ

For the 30-day period from May to June 2020, VIPS outshined the Restaurant & Cafe Mexico benchmark in a number of key metrics.

  • + 507% Maximum Interactions per 1K Fans compared to the benchmark 
  • + 677% Average Interactions per Post compared to the benchmark
  • + 1453% Total Interactions compared to the benchmark
  • + 262% Total Fan Growth compared to the benchmark

Combining personal and macro insights allows Latam Digital Marketing to make critical observations and recommendations on content strategy, so that their client VIPS can enjoy real business results from their investments on social media.

Latam Digital Marketing agency & VIPS results compared to the industry benchmark

Effective Promoted Content With AI Insights

When it comes to promoting a post and maximizing engagement, every second counts. Latam Digital Marketing relies on Socialbakers insights to spot patterns across VIPS’ best-performing posts and define current opportunities for budget optimization. This also allows them to improve content strategies over time. 

With Socialbakers AI-powered content grading, content analysis is straightforward and user-friendly. Based on historical data, every organic post is assigned a grade from A+ to D by the algorithm. The evaluation is based on potential performance, decided by learned patterns and AI.

Socialbakers have become an indispensable platform to improve the performance of the accounts we manage in Latam Digital Marketing. The Performance Prediction algorithm is key to these results; the impact is visibly beneficial in the optimization of promoted campaigns. We definitely use Socialbakers for our most important clients.

Israel Santiago De Rubin, Mexico Managing Partner, Latam Digital Marketing México

With these insights, Latam Digital Marketing can provide the paid media team timely recommendations about which pieces of content. And it’s working.

Looking at the split of organic and promoted posts in the period from 6 May to 6 June 2020, it’s seen that 17% of VIPS’ posts were promoted. And these promoted posts received 66% of all interactions. By focusing the budget on only the highest quality content, they were able get the most out of their money. With this data-first streamlined process, Latam Digital Marketing & VIPS can ensure only the best content is served to the most eyes as possible.

A Strong Relationship Backed by Expert Consulting

Clients need an agency for more than just planning and execution. An open dialogue and working partnership based on trust will always drive the best results. A major differentiating factor for the VIPS account is the type of consulting and industry knowledge the agency brings to the table.

Socialbakers holistic content intelligence and trends tracking has been instrumental in creating a regular cadence of strategic communication between VIPS and the agency. With in-depth insights on industry trends, regional and global marketing trends, and even audience interests trends, they have established best practices for VIPS to improve today’s content plan as well as influence the future marketing strategy.

Socialbakers not only has been a single platform for social media management, but also has become a powerful solution for learning from brands, the industry, and the digital environment, allowing us to decide and take action in time and in a way to optimize results. 

Douglas Castillo, Executive Account Manager for VIPS at Latam Digital Marketing México

Socialbakers helps Latam Digital Marketing put clients such as VIPS ahead of the curve, so they can adjust content and messaging appropriately to see continuous positive results from their efforts of social media.

Socialbakers has become not only an integral tool, but also one of constant optimization for us. Being able to publish our content and obtain data on the same platform helps to reduce time and processes. Furthermore, the Content Inspiration section has been ideal when working with ideas for clients. There are many platforms on the market, but Socialbakers is the most complete.

The team continued: “Socialbakers has been very valuable for our daily work, especially in terms of reporting. What I like the most is the possibility of creating personalized dashboards with the metrics that are really useful for client; it helps us provide a differentiating service and to be able to control key accounts and their results day by day.”

Hoy Vips comparte la mesa con los héroes del INER y del IMSS. 💛 #VaPorNuestrosHéroes

Posted by Vips on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

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