Woolworths Delivers Resonating Content With Insight into Target Audiences

Putting the customer first is 99% of Woolworths' focus - everything else they develop to meet that need

Woolworths is a retail leader operating in Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, with a network of over 400 shops selling home wares, food and apparel as well as other items and services. With such a diverse range of goods and a large regional audience, it’s pivotal that Woolworths’ team understands its customers.

We put the customer first, and then we’ve established our online strategy around that. Data is our driver here. Who is our customer? What do they want? Where do they want to be met? And that is 99 percent of our focus. Everything else we develop to meet that need.

Nikki Cockroft, Group Head of Woolworths’ Online Operations

Getting to Know Target Audiences

Woolworths primary challenge is to learn about their consumers: who they are, what they want, how they want to engage with social media, when they want to have that contact. Then, it is essential for them to differentiate between those answers for different social media platforms.

What Cockroft has found is that Woolworths’ typical customer is not only brand-savvy, but also technologically up-to-date. “Technology has meant that (customers) are more informed; they’re empowered,” said Cockroft.

The company’s customer outreach includes strategically crafting engagement across several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, using Socialbakers Builder and Analytics. “Our audiences differ from channel to channel,” says Ayesha Yon, a social media analyst for Woolworths. “Socialbakers helps us tailor targeted content for each.”

With Socialbakers, the Woolworths team can drive online engagement while also offering increased convenience and better customer support. “We’re meeting the customer—any time, anywhere—and offering them a combination of products and services that suits them at that particular time in the day,” Cockroft says. “We finish when the customer is satisfied.”

An Audience-Focused Social Media Solution

Socialbakers allows Wilson and her social marketing team to meet their audiences in the places they want to be met, when they want to be met. While the sense of humor is all theirs, finding out that it works, thanks to in-depth metric analyses provided by Socialbakers, is why the humorous tweets keep coming.

Analytics enables Woolworths to tailor their content to each channel. Cockroft and the Woolworths online team are also able to post content across each of their active networks from one central Publisher and maintain a constant dialogue with fans everywhere.

Looping in Stakeholders

As well as helping with outreach, Socialbakers tools also assist Woolworths team leaders in managing internal strategy and expectations.

Socialbakers is really valuable for us in providing stats and analysis we can feed back into the business. You need to analyze, you need to benchmark, and then you can work out how you’re going to react and make business decisions accordingly,” she says.

Sam Wilson, Digital Editor: Content Strategy & Social Media, Woolworths

After all, social media outreach is vital for the success of the business as a whole, not only its online operations. “We don’t see it as simply an online store. We see online as a way of using technology to resolve and innovate around traditional in-store problems or inconveniences,” Cockroft says.

The Competitive Advantage With Socialbakers

  • Provides competitive data that contextualizes Woolworths’ performance
  • Gives an individual portrait of fans on each network
  • Reveals ideal posting times and best-performing content
  • Enables a scaling team to perform like a huge team
  • Makes reporting easy, and effective
  • Keeps the online team aligned with each department

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