Data Privacy Policy Ad Analytics

In order to use the Ad Analytics application (“Ad Analytics” or the “Service”) and obtain the requested Service deliverables, certain data will be exchanged between You and Socialbakers a.s., whose principal place of business is in Pilsen, Pod Všemi svatými 427/17, Severní Předměstí, postal code, 301 00, Czech Republic, ID no.290 98 271, company registered in the Companies Register of the Regional Court in Pilsen, file no. B 1627 (“Socialbakers” or “we”). Ad Analytics gathers various data, in particular data that You provide to Socialbakers, including Your personal data, data that are publicly available on Facebook users’ profiles, including such third parties’ personal data, and related data and other related content made available to us or to third parties through the Service.

The purpose of this Data Privacy Policy (“Policy” or “Specific Terms”) is to explain which data, including personal information, will be sent to Ad Analytics and stored as well as how it will be used. By enabling the Ad Analytics feature You are agreeing to this exchange of data, as described further below. You expressly agree that Socialbakers may use and process all personal information, including any sensitive personal information, that You provide when You register or use registration through Facebook Connect for Ad Analytics or otherwise voluntarily provide to Socialbakers in connection with this Service, for the purposes listed in this Policy. This Policy supplements the general Terms and Conditions (“Universal Terms”) that govern the use of Socialbakers Services (as defined therein), in particular its Section 7 entitled “Privacy and your personal data”. The use of Ad Analytics is governed by the Universal Terms and this Policy, which constitutes Specific Terms (as defined in the Universal Terms). If you are an individual user who uses the Service on behalf of a business or other organization, that business or organization also accepts these Specific Terms; both You and Your organization are bound by these Specific Terms. When this Policy further refers to “You”, it includes, as applicable, (i) the individual users within the customer’s or­ganization, who use their Facebook Connect account to log in to the Ad Analytics, and (ii) the customer organization. The customer organization is responsible for ensuring that its users are acquainted with the Policy and accept and abide by its terms.


1. How Ad Analytics work

Ad Analytics is a tool for social media measurement, data gathering and ad management. Ad Analytics provides its users with analytics and intelligence about advertisements on Facebook. You can benchmark your ads, better understand fan base structure and create reports with relevant data. In addition, Ad Manager, the ad management part of Ad Analytics, allows You to make mass changes to Your campaigns, create multiple ads at once, test, optimize and automate adverts.

You must have an active Facebook Ad Account to be able to use Ad Analytics; Ad Analytics only work with existing Facebook Ad Accounts. Ad Analytics uses Facebook Connect for logging in; You must make sure that You are logged in with the correct Facebook account. You will protect Your passwords and take full responsibility for Your own, and third party, use of Your accounts. You are solely responsible for any and all activities that occur under Your Account. You will notify Socialbakers immediately upon learning of any unauthorized use of Your account or any other breach of security.

All billing options and information is stored on Facebook, not inside Ad Analytics. Ad Analytics will transfer you to the Facebook billing section inside the Facebook Ads interface. Please be advised that Socialbakers has no control over Facebook or any other web sites or resources which are provided by companies or persons other than Socialbakers and is not responsible for the availability of any such external sites or resources.

2. What data are collected and stored when You use Ad Analytics

When You register for Ad Analytics through Facebook Connect, You give us your basic account information appearing on your Facebook profile such as name, email, gender, birthday, current city, and profile picture URL. Specifically, we will then ask you for the following permissions:

  • Email permission: It provides us with access to Your primary email address in the email property.
  • Publish permission – ads_management: it provides us with the ability to manage ads and call the Facebook Ads API on behalf of You
  • Extended Profile Properties – user_about_me: it provides us with access to the “About Me” section of Your profile in the about property
  • Page permission – manage_pages: It enables our application to retrieve access_tokens for Pages and Applications that the You administrate.
  • Read permission – read_insights: it provides us with read access to the Insights data for pages, applications, and domains You own. These data are only displayed to You as part of the Ad Analytics reporting.

This means, when granted these permissions, Socialbakers will collect and store, at regular intervals, data to which these permissions relate, such as Your email address, information that you publish in your “About Me” section of the profile, the ads that You create including all their elements and components (visuals, content), and any non-public Insights data associated with Your page, application or domain. For more details, refer to…rence/login/. The permissions that we are requesting in the login dialog are critical to the functionality of Ad Analytics.

Socialbakers will use and process all data collected through Facebook Insights in compliance with the rules applicable to all other data under the Universal Terms and these Specific Terms, and in compliance with the Facebook data collection and use policies, platform policies and advertising guidelines.

Apart from any data collected from You, Socialbakers may process and utilize any data concerning You or any third party that You or any such third party have chosen to make public, e.g. through Facebook’s APIs. The use of such publicly available information is typically governed by the terms applicable to the service or network through which the data were made publicly available and such information may typically be used, accessed by and shared with third parties.

Socialbakers uses the data provided by You for the purpose of providing, maintaining, protecting and enhancing the Ad Analytics and related service to You. We also use and combine data collected from You with information from other Socialbakers services (products) to provide a better user experience, including customizing content for You.

3. Publication and sharing of non-personal data

Socialbakers reserves the right to use aggregated anonymised data derived from the data provided by you or collected by the program analytics in its own statistics, for auditing, for the purposes of product and market research and analytics (which help Socialbakers to improve its products and the range of products and to develop new technologies, products and services), benchmarks and other analyses, and to publish them and to share them with third parties outside of Socialbakers. Socialbakers will not directly or indirectly transfer any data received from You to (or use such data in connection with) any ad network, ad exchange, data broker, or other advertising or monetization related toolset.