What is an EdgeRank Score?

An EdgeRank Score is a score provided by our algorithm to estimate the effect of EdgeRank on your Page’s fans. The higher your EdgeRank Score, the higher the likelihood your updates reach your fans via the news feed. Facebook’s EdgeRank is calculated for each one of your Facebook fans individually, however we are able to look at the overall average affect of each user’s EdgeRank Score with your Page. Even if we were capable to calculate an EdgeRank Score per fan, it would be more beneficial to a Facebook Page Admin to analyze the average EdgeRank Score per fan.

Our EdgeRank Score has been trusted with tens of thousands of Facebook Admins who influence hundreds of millions fans, we’re confident that our EdgeRank Score will help you optimize your attempts to increase engagement and exposure for your Page.

It is possible to have a high EdgeRank Score with a small relatively unengaged Facebook Page due to several external factors. Our EdgeRank Score is best suited for measuring performance within the newsfeed as frequent as your Page is updated. The success or failure of a Facebook campaign should be measured against predetermined goals. An EdgeRank Score can provide an indicator of how the campaign is performing in terms of visibility.

39 Comments on “What is an EdgeRank Score?

    • Chad Wittman

      Great question, our current score break down is:

      0 – 10 is below average
      11 – 19 is average
      20 – 29 is above average
      30+ is excellent

        • Chad Wittman

          Thank you for the note, we’ve updated the previous comment.

      • Matt

        Hey Chad,
        We’ll be rolling out our startup by next month and are currently in a pre-launch fan base creation campaign on FB and other social media.

        Edgeranker is giving me a rank of 109 and we’re only on there for about one week. According to your score evaluation that would be amazingly high. How come? Seems to good to be true. Is there a limit for the edge rank score?


        (P.S.: We’re happy about every new like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/To-Much-More/152550768280375)

        • Chad Wittman

          Your Page is doing excellent by Reaching most of your fans, and engaging a high number of them. You will see this number slowly decrease (most likely), as your Page gets larger. This is due to the challenge of Reaching & Engaging a vast majority of your fans. Hope that helps!

          • Matt

            Thanks Chad,
            I can see something similar in FB insights. And thanks for taking the time to answer these posts. All the best for the future!

  1. As a small company just starting to address SEO issues onsite, realise that having a FB page could be beneficial is helping get new, interested visitors.

    But, reading your post would indicate that you need a certain number of fans or friends before any acitivity undertaken will make a contribution and that Edgerank Checker is not accurate if you have below a certain number of fans as a guide to how well you are doing on Facebook.

    What would be a minimum target fan base to work towards to get any meaningfull figures or guidance using Edgerank Checker?

    • Chad Wittman

      EdgeRank Checker is valuable & accurate for any size Facebook Page. Our tools such as the Recommendation Engine and Best/Worst Metrics still provide value as you build your new Facebook Page.

      Facebook Pages that typically have less than 100 fans tend receive less benefit from an EdgeRank Score perspective. Due mathematical tendencies at a low sample size.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Chad, what is the highest possible score with Edgerank? According to the Edgerank site 20+ is considered excellent. I recently read an article by someone who has 141 which seems pretty high if 20 is excellent. Any idea what percentage of pages would score over 100 on Edgerank?

    • Chad Wittman

      Often small Pages will result in abnormally high scores due to a small sample size. As the ranking indicates, anything over 20 is an excellent score. How many fans does this Page have?

  3. With 3700 fans, we engage them 1-3 times per day and I was wondering what a good edgerank number was for these number of fans? THANKS!

    • Chad Wittman

      20+ would be good.

  4. Getting an EdgeRank 61. Is that good enough?

    • Chad Wittman

      That’s a great score!

  5. I find it difficult to benchmark the score against anything! Is it not something out of 100??

  6. Frieda

    Thank you for sorting out the “score” questions. I’m enjoying your free service and hope to get my page into the triple digit territory soon!

  7. Duc

    Our facebook page got 147 score. Is it a good one?

    • Chad Wittman

      That’s very high, it sounds like you may have a relatively small fan base?

  8. steve


    I engage my fans three times a day and my edge rank score is only 10, i have 1.4 million users – is this low score normal for many fans ?

    • Chad Wittman

      A 10 is actually pretty good for the size of your Page!

  9. Bjorn


    Pages with a small base can have abnormaly high edgerank scores. How many fans are we talking about?


    • Chad Wittman

      It really depends, but it’s often less than 250.

  10. Hello,
    Thanks for this service you are providing. It is very interesting to learn more about Facebook metrics.
    However, I have not undestand the relationship between the edge rank score x the size of the fan base.
    Is there any post about this question?
    I would be really grateful for some enlightment here!

    • Chad Wittman

      We typically see larger Pages receive lower EdgeRank Scores. This is not something that we are assigning to larger pages, it is a trend that we’ve noticed. This is most likely due to fan acquisition methods and user behavior, as opposed to a specific penalty imposed by Facebook.

  11. Mike Ashfield

    I have 680 fans on my page, but an EdgeRank of 13, I’m pretty disappointed with that! What can I do to engage people more? I’m already producing unique, valuable content that is relevant to my market.

    • Chad Wittman

      We’ve built EdgeRank Checker Pro to specifically address those issues. It’s all about optimizing for engagement while decreasing any Negative Feedback.

  12. tocaya

    Is the edgerank score for a particular day due to the success of the postings on that particular day or due to the sucesss of the posts of the day before?

    • Chad Wittman

      We typically see variations due to two main components. Success of that day’s particular content, and how noisy the news feed was (your competitor’s success). You can think of EdgeRank Scores sort of like credit scores, if that helps a bit. Does that answer your question?

  13. I have a small fan base of just under 250 likes and received a score of 123 which I thought was pretty good. At 5:30pm yesterday I noticed that one of my posts was viewed by over 9100 people and shared 100 times. When I checked the post at 7pm, it said that it had only been viewed by 2050 people. It has been shared by 170 people now so I find that hard to believe. I thought it might have been due to a low Edgerank score…but now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Any thoughts?

    • Chad Wittman

      I don’t quite understand your question. Can you restate it?

  14. Borut

    Is there some table for edgerank score – what is normal in what is excelent (for varius fan sizes?.


    • Chad Wittman

      Our breakdown is relative, therefore you can compare it against any sized page. However, in general we see as a page gets larger, they tend to struggle more with EdgeRank Scores. Hope that helps!

  15. Jane

    Hi, I’ve just checked my score, and it is 6 :( We have a fan base of 2,070 and a reach of just over 60,000.

    • Chad Wittman

      It boils down to optimizing engagement. Increasing engagement increases your likelihood of increasing reach, increasing all of these metrics should have a positive impact on your EdgeRank Score.

  16. Hi,
    When I get our Edgerank Score, it says our page only has 9,300 fans, however the page has 28,000. Why is this?


  17. Simran

    I have a fan following of 165,920 and the EdgeRank score is 1 only. I understand the fact that we haven’t been active on page lately. My other page has 1200 fans which was active from day 1 and it has 45 Edge Score. The page with 165k is now active since 2 weeks. We posts at least 6-7 times a day which is getting above 100 likes and comments on each post. Can you suggest better ways to increase our Edge Rank Score? and by when can we expect good Edge Rank change? I mean duration (days-months) Thanks in advance. Please be kind to reply at the earliest.

    • Chad Wittman

      Large Pages tend to struggle with EdgeRank Scores, as they increase in size. We typically attribute this to diversity in fan acquisition. Of course, EdgeRank Checker Pro attempts to help optimize engagement so we can understand what topics are actually driving success. We want to emulate those strategies, and avoid strategies that hurt your Page’s engagement.

      In terms of timing, this will be dependent on the success of the content that you begin to implement. We aim to help you find this content, but it will depend on the content.

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