How Much Content Does EdgeRank Hide? A look at the Unfiltered Feed

TechCrunch reported the news of a link that allows Facebook users to see a nearly unfiltered news feed. Facebook later removed the link, but EdgeRank Checker was able to analyze it before it became unavailable. The difference between the Most Recent Feed and the Unfiltered Feed was quite astonishing—we’re going to break down what you can learn from the differences between the two, and what to do about it.

What Did We Analyze?

We analyzed our Founder’s (Chad Wittman) News Feed, looking at a one hour period during the day. We counted the objects for both feeds and also categorized them based on their function. Most categories are self explanatory, with the exception of actions. We defined actions as “John Doe is now friends with Jane Doe”, “John Doe likes EdgeRank Checker”, “John Doe is now in a relationship with Jane Doe”, etc.

What’s The Difference Between The Unfiltered & Most Recent Feed?

What Does This Mean?

62% of Pages’ posts during this 1 hour time period didn’t even make it to the Most Recent Feed. Users who browse in Most Recent mode are still missing a majority of the content by pages they are fans of. [Tweet this] Understanding and leveraging EdgeRank is vital to News Feed success, even with the Most Recent Feed option.

14% of the Most Recent Feed was Sponsored Posts. This seems to be generally in line with the rumors swirling that the News Feed is intended to remain 80% Organic/20% Paid.

39% of the Unfiltered Feed’s objects were actions. While ~1% of the objects within the Most Recent Feed were actions. There are dozens of actions taking place within Facebook at any given moment (see the Ticker), so it’s not surprising to see Facebook filter many of these out for the casual user. This is intended to improve the typical Facebook browsing experience.

What Can I Do About It?

There are a few key takeaways looking at these differences:

  • A majority of Pages’ posts don’t even reach the Most Recent Feed
  • It appears the News Feed is truly intended to be 80% Organic/20% Paid
  • The Most Recent Feed hides a significant amount of Friends’ activities

Aside from any insights this brief look into the inner workings of the News Feed may have provided, the strategy is the same: create and deliver excellent content. The brands that understand this, and succeed while doing so, will continue to reach a healthy segment of their fans.

2 Comments on “How Much Content Does EdgeRank Hide? A look at the Unfiltered Feed

  1. Which is better – post a link which “pulls” a picture and desription text or do I need to attach a picture, give it a status description and put a link at the end?

  2. The thing is, as a user, I definitely want the content assortment described in the filtered feed. There’s a business/brand problem here for sure. But, if fixing our problem hurts end user satisfaction, we have a bigger problem, right?

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