Severity Score Breakdown

EdgeRankWith the launch of our Negative Feedback Analysis feature, we revealed a new metric: Severity Score. There are a variety of different types of Negative Feedback, each type differs in severity. The score weights these types of Negative Feedback to give perspective into how bad the feedback really was.

We believe that the severity of Negative Feedback is as follows:

xbutton > hide > hide all > spam > unlike

We have weighted the Negative Feedback and divided against Total Unique Impressions to give relativity for the number of people who saw it.

One Comment on “Severity Score Breakdown

  1. Kate

    This is interesting – as it can be useful to not only know the posts that thay are “engaging” with and that is turning the “lights on” – but also the ones that are “turning the lights off”
    Put together you can get a much better picture of the responses of your customers and be able to have a real impact on how you present yourself through your business page

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