Visually Analyze Your Content With Photo Report

Photo ReportWe’ve built a brand new feature called Photo Report that allows Pro users to visually scan their content and quickly see what’s working. Oftentimes, patterns of topics can emerge from the visual analysis.

Photo Report defaults to a filtered view analyzing Total Engagement. Photos are sized relative to their “success”, as it relates to the metric being analyzed. There are two content types displayed within Photo Report: Photos and Links. We decided to pull in Links too because of the thumbnail that represents them in the news feed. We believe that a good thumbnail can impact the content’s engagement.

Photo Report can be filtered by 3 options:

  • Total Engagement
  • Virality
  • Clicks

Photo Report Filter

Above the filter drop-down, a “Get PDF Report” button is available. Click the button and you’ll be presented with a PDF download.

Rolling over any of the images will provide more granular information. Clicking on any image will take you directly to the actual post, as it was posted on Facebook.

Photo Report Hover

How To Use

We recommend using Photo Report to visually understand which content is succeeding. Clients also love seeing the PDF Report—be sure to share it with them! It’s best to take a look at Photo Report once a month. This allows for more data to be analyzed, typically providing a better perspective and analysis.

Let us know how you’re using Photo Report—reach out on TwitterFacebook, or below in the comments!

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