What is the average Facebook Page’s Organic Reach?

Knowing how Pages perform with Organic Reach is an integral process in understanding how EdgeRank is impacting your content. We analyzed over 14,000 pages over the past 30 days (5/16/12 – 6/16/12) to see their average Organic Reach per post.

Smaller brands tended to reach more of their fans. This is most likely due to fan acquisition methods and difficulty publishing engaging content to their entire audience. Bigger brands acquire fans for a variety of reasons and the audience has a varying degree of interests related to the brand. This causes struggles for mega brands when it comes to leveraging EdgeRank to their advantage.

How to Improve?
Improving Organic Reach boils down to understanding EdgeRank. To build your content’s average EdgeRank, you’ll need to continue to improve the engagement of your content. Encourage your audience to Like, Comment, and especially Share your content. Over time this will build Affinity with your audience, therefore increasing your Reach onto their news feeds.