What happens to EdgeRank in Facebook’s new News Feed?

[Updated: 11/1/11 2:00PM EST] // This post is now irrelevant, as Facebook has published the newest iteration of the news feed. //

[Updated: 8/27/11 5:30PM EST] // The Headlined section does not stay fixated atop the feed. Over time, the Headlined section will slip into the chronological section of the feed. This also results in multiple Headline sections within the entire feed. We’ve also observed items in the chronological area, “jump” higher with what seems to be connected with higher EdgeRank. This truly is a unique hybrid feed that we’re testing. //

We’ve had the privilege to have beta access to Facebook’s latest round of tweaking the News Feed. As EdgeRank experts, our initial exposure to the News Feed was disheartening to say the least. When we initially logged on to the new News Feed, Top News was gone. With the Top News gone, where did this leave EdgeRank? Continue reading