EdgeRank Checker: Completely Revamped

We’ve made many adjustments to EdgeRank Checker since our official launch eight months ago, and we’ve recently wrapped up our biggest changes yet! We want to take this opportunity to share what we’ve been up to, and explain how to better use the tool to maximize your Facebook exposure.

Summary of the New Features:

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EdgeRank f8 Recap

Facebook is unveiling new features at f8, we’re blogging on how the developments affect EdgeRank.

[1:40pm EST] Facebook is opening the Open Graph to allow for verbs & nouns meaning users can not only ‘like’ objects, they can ‘read’, ‘watch’, ‘listen’, anything. This will create a new web of data to understand and provide interesting data back to the typical Facebook user. They will be using GraphRank to help Facebook users find cool & interesting content. Most objects that will be created in this new expanded Open Graph, Zuckerburg explains they will most likely reside in the new Real Time Ticker. However, Mark mentions that the News Feed will detect “interesting patterns” to help identify which objects in the news feed should be highlighted as ‘Top Stories’. Facebook will most likely use the new Open Graph connections (books, tv, movies, music, etc) as measures of Affinity between two users. For example if two users have both watched ‘The Godfather’, we would expect the Affinity between the two users to be higher. This will create a much more dynamic measurement of Affinity between all Facebook users. Continue reading